Sunday, 15 July 2007

And POP goes the weasel

No, this post has nothing to do with weasels exploding (although that would be cool).

This is about something bigger. And better. It's about the most anticipated event for the Part C's of the TK Sea unit - PASSING OUT PARADE.

I know it sounds like it, but it has nothing to do with fainting, or lightheadedness stated in the post below. It's about the Part D's stepping down after serving four years in the Corps and passing down their responsibilities to us for our exploitation until our POP.

Enough about that. More onto the recipients of the posts.

Company Sergeant Major: Radyamansyah
Assistant Sergeant Major: Justin
Head Of Training: Joshua
Head of Admin: Kai Wei
Part A Platoon Sergeants: Jasper, Daniel, Timothy
Part B Platoon Sergeants: Wafiy, Clayton, Imran
Part A `08 Platoon Sergeants: Elyasa', Khairul, Azri, Brandon Ng
Part A Physical Training Instructors: Khairul, Azri
Part B Physical Training Instructors: Brandon Ng, Rashid

As for the assistant admins and quartermaster(s), forgot who got them.

So, yeah. I'm the PS for the sec ones next year and the PTI for the sec ones this year. And to think I hate kids.

As I get to rest easily while typing this post out, my platoonmates are busy slogging themselves away under the hot sun of Changi Beach. Thank God I'm not kayaking.

Postly riddle/quickie/fun fact/quest

I bet you didn't know that people who have just fallen in love have a higher level of a protein molecule known as the nerve growth factor (NGF) than singles or people engaged in long-term relationships.

Thanks, Wikipedia!

It's weird how new teachers can already know so much about their students' love lives (like who's chasing who, which school XXXX's girl/boyfriend is in).

Your favourite beatboxing, ambigram-making PTI/PS,

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