Friday, 31 August 2007


So today was the day.

A pretty awesome day, in fact.

When I came to school, Wanfong approached me and handed me something. Another copy of that Linkin Park poster I spoilt. And she also wished me good luck for Talent Search. I can only say one thing...


Sure, it's just a poster, but the act of giving something that's yours away unconditionally (or is it...) is just plain awesome.

If you're reading this, Wanfong, thanks. A lot. It means a lot to me. then it was Talent Search. Before going out, I was as nervous as hell. Heart rate going up to 13794087513241532BPS (beats per second) and giant butterflies flapping their titanium wings of...titanium in my stomach.

But when I got up there, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I just did what I loved doing. Beatbox. So...yeah. But I didn't have much stage presence. Was just beatboxing and moving weirdly.

It's a cool feeling when you beatbox or say something and the crowd applauses or laughs or "WHOO"s at it.

"Thanks, Simon. Cowell."

But wearing a thick red jacket on a hot, fanless stage tends to drench you in sweat. Not to mention the nervousness.

I'll try post a video of the performance.

So, then after me there was Mutt, Faridzuan (spelling?), Beautiful Frequency, Rifat and Owen and then Nazurah.

Mutt played Silence Is A Scary Sound by McFly.
I'm not too sure what song Faridzuan sang.
Beautiful Frequency played Bon Jovi's Have A Nice Day.
Rifat and Owen played some awesome percussion stuff.
Nazurah danced.

I, on the other hand, was freestyling. Yes, free-freakin-styling. So obviously there were some minor slips here and there.

So, the results were announced, with the three Consolation Prize winners being Mutt, Beautiful Frequency and Faridzuan. Third was Nazurah, Second was You, and First was the dual-percussionists, Owen and Rifat.

Second place, not bad. Oh by the way, You was my stage name.

People kept saying that I should've been first, but oh well. Maybe some of the judges didn't believe me when I said that all the sounds were a hundred percent vocals.

And oh, I got into OBS for the December Holidays.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Refer to title of blog

Like, what the hell?

Today was pretty okay, with some surprises and loss/damage of some of my treasured material belongings.

The surprise: I'm switched to the first performance in Talent Search. What's worse, the curtains will be closed and I'll have to do my beatboxing in front of the curtains. Which interferes with my planned exit. Gerk.

Well, at least I'm the 'opening' performance, which means the audience will still have 80% of their attention able to focus on the performer.

I broke my two pieces of hand-carved/sanded blue foam...unintentionally. Gerk. Also, I dropped my mic while running and it bounced. IT FREAKIN BOUNCED! Microphones are NOT supposed to bounce. Well, at least the mic still works but the top is uneven now. Gerk, once more.

The worst loss today was...the loss of my Linkin Park Minutes To Midnight poster. Y'see, I was trying to stick it to my wall with a supersticky adhesive. When i wanted to paste it, it rolled back and stuck itself on...itself. The damage was undoable, so I had to throw it away.

Gah, cleaning up my room doesn't look so easy. After one hour of rearranging and sorting stuff out, 4/5 of the room is still in a mess.

There won't be any Stand By Me in my performance, so...yeah.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 27 August 2007



Today was rather...interesting.

For one, a teacher lost his/her temper for what seemed to be like the first time. Yes, 3J can really get irritating sometimes. Not me, I was busy sleeping.

Another thing was Talent Search rehearsal. Stage fright wasn't much of a problem but...Beatboxer's Block. You know, like Artist's Block. Yeah, Beatboxer's Block". I didn't feel my momentum, and I wasn't in the zone today. Weird.

So my performance was pretty sloppy to me, but to others, it was "Quite good". Well, maybe because 80% of the school's population doesn't know shit about beatbox.

The other performances were pretty tight, too. But maybe that's because I don't know shit about bands playing or non-vocal percussion or dancing. So...yeah.

Another issue: Theft. It's a real fucked-up thing. I know how it feels like to get my phone (which was a part of my conscience) stolen, and yeah. It's a really shitty feeling. Another case is that of my close friend. Someone stole his/her allowance for the next three weeks and now he/she has less than ten bucks to live on. You know how sucky that is?

If you're a culprit of such cases, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves and if I find out of anyone of your existences, 999's just three clicks away.

On to less tense issues...I got a 20/30 for my English Common Test. THAT'S A FREAKIN' B3!!!! Stupid, stupid, careless mistakes.

Anyway, topic was mirror and here's mine:


"Mirror, mirror on the wall. WHo's the fairest of them all?"

Just then, she paused the DVD, right before the mirror in Disney's animated film, "Snow White", could answer. The little girl then said to herself, "I am! I'm the fairest of them all!"

Kate did this repeatedly, slowly killing the afternoon. Kate had an obsession with mirrors. She was awed by them. It seemed magical to her that people could see themselves with a method that did not involve killing themselves, that method being using a mirror.

Kate's love for mirrors first began after an incident where she had almost lost her life. Kate was nothing but a little two-year-old when she was saved by a mirror.

It was a warm night when Kate's parents left the house for their fifth anniversary dinner. They did not feel the need to call for a babysitter to look after little Kate because the maid and Kate's grandmother, Grandma, were at home.

"Take care, Kate. Don't go near that mirror we just bought. We love you," Kate's mother picked up the toddler and kissed her before putting her down.

Then her father added, "Remember, do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, touch or go near that mirror." He then picked Kate up and pecked her on the cheek once before leaving. They closed the teakwood door, but Kate could still hear her father say to his beloved wife, "Dear, did you know that the word 'ginormous' has been added to the dictionary this year?"

Not seeing any importance to stay in front of the door, Grandma and the maid went to the living room to watch "Desperate Elders". Kate just sat down and watched the show with her elders until she got bored of old ladies screaming and scratching at each other.

Engrossed in the drama of "Desperate Elders", Grandma and the maid did not notice Kate crawling away and out of the living room.

Kate then went to her favourite room in the newly-bought mansion. She called it the Empty Room because at it was mostly, as the name suggests, empty. In front of a single window stood the mirror her parents warned her not to touch.

She crept nearer to the gigantic frame and it slowly loomed above her like a monolith. Being in its infancy, Kate's conscience did not deter her from her ultimate goal: the shiny surface of the mirror. Her father's words rang in her mind.

"Do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, go near that mirror."

Kate shrugged it off, not knowing the meaning of most of her father's sentence. Trying to re-enact the scene from "Narnia", she looked around the mirror for any opening. Going to its side, Kate found a narrow gap where the mirror stood against the wall. The gap might just be wide enough for Kate, so she went into it.

Kate had just learned how to crawl, so her unsteady movements caused the mirror to tilt and fall, away from her fragile body. Now, the mirror was visible and the moonlight shined onto the broken shards of the mirror that lay on the marble floor, making it seem like there was a glittering sea of tiny opals on the floor.

Just then, Kate saw someone enter through the open window with what she made out to be a cleaver. Kate let out a scream of excitement, as she thought that the black-clothed man could be her new playmate.

Surprised by the falsetto of Kate's shriek, the man lost his balance and fell towards the shattered pieces of the mirror. The shards entered his body like a thousand tiny knives, piercing through his skin. He lay on the floor motionless.

Grandma and the maid ran into the Empty Room to find a man lying on the floor with a seemingly disappointed Kate. Grandma quickly called the police.

It turned out that the man was a serial killer on the loose after escaping Azkaban Changi Prison. The pieces of the mirror had entered his lungs and he had died a painful death. Since then, Kate had always felt that mirrors were magical entities watching over her and protecting her.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?"

"Me!" cried Kate elatedly before switching the television off, and stared at her reflection in the empty, black screen.

She then hugged the television.


Haha, so how was that?

"A little fantasical. Some good descriptions though."

That was the comment by the marker on the paper. And the word "fantastical" doesn't even exist. What a fantastic English teacher.

So add your own comments.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Sunday, 26 August 2007

*Dusts suit*

I'm sorry, that was very uncivilised of me. You can have my word that it won't happen again.

All right, chaps. Enough with the shibby-shabbying gentlemanly talk, more with da !n WaeE oF tokKiNn...hahazxzxzxzxzxzxzxz, I'm an ah lian alien.

Those four shitty days are now four shitty days that are OVER. And thank God for that too, I was going mad (as you can see from the above two paragraphs).

So, now I'm all nice and doing well, besides the fact that I have an ulcer. And why may this be? I don't know, seriously. But I think it may have something to do with today.

Kayaking. From 9.30am till 5.00pm. I didn't kayak much, but I guess that the company of my favourite CCA and all their crap talk made me laugh and cheered me up.

Like someone said on her blog (I'm not sure if she allows me to rip this off her blog but...who cares), "Laughter is therapeutic."

Basically meaning that laughter heals, which it just did on me.

At times like these, I love NCC.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Gift? Curse?

Look down there, guys. The last half-week has been shit for me and I just had to rant it out. Bottled feelings aren't good for your health, just like how keeping your pee in your bladder isn't too good either. Or holding your shi -

Enough with the digestive-system-related analogies.

So life's still being pretty shitty, but I'm holding on, cause you're the reason I live.

I should really stop pretending that I have a girlfriend.

So yes, I'm holding on. For myself. To myself.

I'm starting to hate Talent Search right now. I've made so many sacrifices for it and it may all be wasted. Don't be thinking that this is a trivial matter of winning or losing. Personally, I couldn't care less. It's a deeper thing than you may think it is.

Fucking. Thrown. Into. The. Drain.

Gerk (yes, it's meant to be Gerk, not Jerk).

So anyway, today I had to go for electronics course, instead of going to West Coast Park with my beloved CCA for orienteering. Seriously, it means a lot to me. And why did I have to be stuck smelling burnt solder and copper in the morning?


Heard from the guys that the orienteering training was hella fun. That just makes me wanna go "@)&**&%)@*^$%@)%&@&^%)&*#R&*$%#)^*R^#)$^!$)@^H)&*DT)*&$%@)*%!!!!!"

Dammit. It's seriously frustrating.

Then Khairul, Rashid, Ms Chen and two girls ate at KFC. Ms Chen treated us with a taxi ride back to school. Then we had to go for that Mountbatten CC National Day Parade.

One word: Sucked.

The standard of the Guard of Honour was lower than us, the Supporting Contingent. More like Guard of Horrible.

Man, I'm so frustrated with myself. There's kayaking tomorrow, and not trying to sound dramatic or anything, but I'll just be pushed around.

Not. Funny.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Friday, 24 August 2007

That good ol' shitty feeling

Ah, yes. Today was one of those days.

And it wasn't only me. A teacher was also not feeling too well.

The whole time I spent in school today was filled with a lack of motivation to do anything, thus sleeping and doodling during classes. I don't think I'm depressed or anything, though. Just very, very unmotivated to do anything.

If I'm bored of life already, that would pretty much suck. I mean, I've (hopefully) haven't extinguished even half of that flame called life.

Well, if this continues, I'd probably just rot myself away.

I need something to spice up my life.

Where's bonesteak when you need it?

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

75 squared is 5625 and I did that mentally

This post has got nothing to do with math, so don't run away just yet.

I see a problem in keeping the existence of my I'm-older day low. No one. Knows.

Which is a good thing...and a bad thing. Good thing is because I won't get flattened/kicked/lose-my-chance-of-becoming-a-father/shaved by the guys. A bad thing is one knows. The day went by like any normal day with a maximum of six "Happy Birthday"s.

And that's pretty depressing.

Why? Because today was Amir's birthday (yes, I'm older than him by one day) and he got loads of gifts/wishes from his friends (and my friends). Seeing that right after your birthday isn't a very encouraging thing.

Enough with the complaining, on to the thanking.

Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday (I made up that six thing, but there were definitely less than fifteen), and a special thanks to Cheryl Anne Lee, the only friend to have given me a present.

Those conflicts cakes/cookies were awesome. Shouldn't have shared 'em with anyone. Thanks again, Cheryl.


On to the Talent Search 2007 rehearsal after school. Seeing Nicky's band perform and a dual-percussion performance was pretty cool, and the dual-percussion performance was cool. But guess what's cooler?


Sad to say, I shouldn't reveal what Mdm Nora told me about my performance just yet but she said that I should change (significantly) one of the parts. The part that I feel was one of the most important parts. And I'm telling all of you, changing it the way she suggested would make my performance a lot less awe-inspiring.

Darn. Let's try to work around it, then.

The competition looks pretty even this year, with some comebacks from last year's Talent Search (you've had our limelight, move on!) so it should be a pretty fun ride.

Transform, and ROLL OUT

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

364.25 x 15

At 0402 hours this morning, your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist turned fifteen years old.

Dude, that's like, 780.53571428571428571428571428571 weeks.

5463.75 days.

131130 hours.

7867800 minutes.

472068000 seconds.

You get it. So after all these years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, I'm here.

Blogging with the help of a calculator. Somehow that seems pretty pathetic.

I smell Koko Krunch.

Back to the point. I'm fifteen years old now, and what have I achieved? One heckuva fun ride. Sure there were sad times, angry times, high times, happy times, and stoning times, but this ride so far was a seriously fun one.

And it's not going to stop anytime soon (I hope).

All the choices I've made in my life thus far...there were short-lived regrets once in a while, but if I were to go through these fifteen years all over again, I wouldn't change one bit of it.

Now I'm a beatboxing ambigrammist, Mathemagician-to-be (hehehe...) and lots more. I'd say fortune has been smiling unto me for my life so far. Well, let's hope lady luck will continue smiling for me till I get my Lamborghini Gallardo.

So, yeah. I'm pretty happy about my life so far, and I think I'd continue to be happy.

Like Justin said,
"Life fucking rocks."

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Saturday, 18 August 2007


Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist had the strangest dream last night. The dream went something like this:

I was in school, and one of my female friends (no, not her...or her...nope, not her either...wait did you say Emma Watson?), not Emma Watson was feeling really cold and so she hugged me to feel warm (weird), while I walked around school. Weirder still (if it's possible), I saw my auntie there, along with my sister and people who know my parents/family.

There are a few reasons as to why I think this bizarre dream occurred:
1 - It was a cold night and the air-conditioner was on, thus the feeling of coldness mentioned in the dream.
2 - My subconscious just tried to confuse me.

Or...maybe God was telling me that if I get into a relationship, everyone (even my parents) will know of it. Pretty much like Khairul and Rachel.

Or maybe my brain held a party that night and everyone's subconscious selves were there.

So...if you happen to have visited my brain last night, please tell me. I'd want to know which of the above possible reasons is true. Especially if you're the girl.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Friday, 17 August 2007

A post with no proper title

Hey there, dear reader.

A coupla' things to say today...

Firstly, there's this mini National Day Parade thing at Mountbatten CC next Saturday (how early). It starts at 5PM and I'm not sure what time it ends. TK Band is gonna be there, along with TK NCC (Sea/Land) and other uniformed groups. I'm gonna be standing in front along with Ming Yew giving out commands during the marching past. So if you have nothing better to do on that day (I know you don't, because the fact that you're reading this shows that you are suicidally bored), drop by and watch the sloppy parade.

Another thing that I feel I should talk about is the skills they teach us during English. I don't mind it, really, but it somehow pisses me off when a teacher forces you to use a certain method to do something and will refuse to mark it if you don't. They can teach us the methods, sure but I sure as hell won't be using them if you force me to. It just goes against my nature, like how I study when no one tells me to but don't when people force me to.

Another thing I hate about a certain someone is when he/she keeps interrupting lessons every four seconds to ramble about irrelevant stuff for ten &@^$*@ing minutes. And he/she complains about us wasting time.

So yeah, go drop by on the 25th.

I'm missing the GOH days.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Thursday, 16 August 2007

"So it wasn't so horrible after all..."

- Quote by Az, on the title of the post below

So yeah, the week wasn't too horrible. In fact, the papers were rather easy (besides Humanities). Or maybe (just maaaaybe), I've improved significantly since the last test because I revised all the subjects at home.


Oh, did I mention that Ms Irene Chen has marked some of the E Math papers (I'm too sure about A Math though)? Well, I've mentioned it now, so you can bombard her with all the "How did I do?"s. I got a B3, and I'm pretty proud of that, as the paper was not that easy. I also know someone who got B3's (hehe)...

*'s Az's Test Ratings:
1 - 10, 10 being the most difficult

English - 1
Physics (combined) - 3
E Math - 5
Geography Elective - 6
Social Studies - 6
A Math - 3.5
Design and Technology - 3.5
Mother Tongue (Malay) - 4
Chemistry (combined) - 2

What are your test Ratings [copy and paste the above onto your blog]?

Oh, and another thing. I can say some stuff backwards. My first step to backmasking songs with satanic messages! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So now we'll have to wait and see how we fared, eh?

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 13 August 2007

What a nice way to start a horrible week

"I don't want to hear you give me a one-word reply from now on. Is that understood?"

- random excerpt from Az's random chain of random thoughts

So today was the first day of the CT's.

Despite my mouth and body feeling all tired and shitty and as though its about to expire, I went to school. Shut up, home was a more boring option.

So...the papers today were pretty easy, thus the title above. English was just compo and Physics was pretty easy.

So then during Mother Tongue, my left eye felt irritated. Rubbed it and rubbed it and then Ameera told me it was bloody red. Looked in the mirror, yes it was. So the recess was spent with a teary, National-Day-Celebrating eye. Wonderful.

So, yeah. Tomorrow's Humanities and E Math. Great. Just. Great.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Like, what the hell?

So now you see the Great Change this blog has gone through. Visual appeal aside, its not really great. In fact, it kinda sucks.

Probably because the HTML was edited by someone who hasn't touched HTML in months, and that someone also is very, very, very inexperienced in codes and that shit.

You'll notice that you won't be able to comment (not like any of you did anyway, and now you can't refute this statement because you can't comment!), which kinda sucks for you and more importantly, me.

So an intro to the above beauty you see up there^.

Images/fonts were NOT made/drawn by me. I merely took others' works and made a beauty. I'm such a thief.

So up there you can see (from top centre, clockwise): Rainbow, Lamborghini Gallardo(whoot!), Skull, Smile/Frowney (Smowney?), Someone's legs (which are blessed by DC shoes), Banana, Optimus Prime, PSP. There also seems to be a sideways 'K' made of yellow tape.

And the other shapes(eg. sun)/splats were made with Photoshop Brushes.

I. Am. Damn. Tired. Now.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,
Az (Check that out below! v)

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Friday, 10 August 2007

Meat me at the meat shop

Today was one helluva meaty day, to my great liking.

For breakfast, I had two turkey ham sandwiches, and for lunch (brace yourselves), I had five (yes, five) black pepper steaks and for the dinner...three miserable turkey salami sandwiches.

Steak for everyone, opportunities for all.

Anyway, be prepared to see some great changes in this blog...for I have downloaded Photoshop CS3...for thirty days, but still, it's Photoshop.

Here's a little (or big, huge, ginormous) sneak preview:

Even after looooong months of not touching Photoshop, I produced this.

Looks like I still got skillzxzxzxzx. Though it took me two long hours to produce such beauty.

That's it for today, I guess.

Postly riddle/quickie/fun fact/quest

Another riddle.


Your favourite beatboxing (and now Photoshop-ing) ambigrammist,

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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

When the skies

So today was TK's National Day Celebration.

It was a happy day, what with no lessons and red shirts and paint.

Started the day taking some pictures of the paraders.

Me and the parade commander who could be heard from TKG. Look how enthusiastic he is.

The flag bearer and the flagS bearer.

And the flagS bearer decided to let his patriotic side out.

Cool eh?

After our activities, the masses went to the hall, where the demoness told me to take off my headgear. IT'S NATIONAL FREAKING DAY FOR THE GREAT ICE-CREAM SALESMAN'S SAKE! All the other teachers approved, but the demoness didn't.


So we watched the performances. Here's the hero of the whole day, if you ask me.

"All the girls want him, and all the guys want to be him!"


Despite knowing how popular he is, Rahul went on with performing his part. Kudos to such bravery.

And just when you thought that everything was over...something gets noticed by Az's keen eyes.

Awwww...Brandon Ng and Jean Nah Gena.

So...Happy 42nd birthday Sinagpore's INDEPENDANCE (Singapore's age is approximately 3001 years)!!!

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

And the people were mute

Just a quickie for y'all readers.


Do I really have to put a tagboard so you can flame each other and start an interblog war?

The comment option is on the bottom right of each post, so use it to answer the postly riddle/fun fact/quickie/quest thingamajiggers. Or to refute the content of the post. Got that? Good.

On other news, I've registered myself for this year's Talent Search. Sadly, there's one one round. The Finals. So I can't mock people for being kicked out in the first round (they all can say they made it to the finals). And Khairul's band is most probably not joining, so it should be an easy competition to win.

One problem: Stage Fright

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 6 August 2007


Nothing to do with Live Earth, for those fellow tree-huggers out there.

So we got back the composition section of the June holiday homework. Got a 21/30 for this one and yeah. Topic was "Green". So here it is...


Midori was an avid fan of the world's 'green' characters like The Incredile Hulk, Green Goblin, Master Chief and Shrek. She did not like them for their powers or personalities. She liked them because they were green, or wore green costumes.

Midori was such a fan of the colour that she dyed her hair green, which got her into trouble in her school, Tanjong Katong Girls' School. Midori's classmates always treated her like an outcast, saying that the only reason Midori entered the school was because of the uniform. It was green. They said that Midori had a mental problem and nicknamed her 'Greentard'.

One morning, Midori woke up from a dream. She dreamt of a person spraying green paint all over the walls of a void deck. "If only there were such a hero," the sixteen-year-old thought to herself as she picked up that day's newspaper. On the front page, there was a picture of a green void deck, the same one Midori dreamt of. "It looks so much better in real life," she thought.

For the next few nights, Midori dreamt of her hero - the green-garbed vandal - spraying more and more void decks green. And the mornings after that there were more articles of the void decks, telling readers to call the police if they had any information regarding the vandal. Midori was against this, as she idolised the mysterious character.

One morning, after yet another dream of her hero marking territories with green paint, Midori opened her front door, to find two policemen. They told her that the evidence found on the latest 'green site' pointed to her.

Midori was shocked. "How could it be me? More importantly, I fell in love with myself?" she questioned herself.

The policemen then brought her for questioning and after using lie detectors and such, they found out that Midori really did not know anything about the vandal, except that he liked green.

They performed a series of tests on Midori and found out that she suffered from split personality disorder and that her other self was the one who did the crimes of vandalising.

To prevent her from posing a threat to people, Midori was sentenced to a life of solitary confinement.

As she sat down in one corner of the spongy room, she thought to herself, "At least the walls are green."


And by the way, "Midori" is Japanese for "Green". Dang, should've totally said she came from Greenland while grinning.

And that piece of crap got me 21 marks. This just proves how not being so tense and uptight can benefit you.

Life is full of shit. Enjoy it.

Postly riddle/quickie/fun fact/quest

Another riddle.


Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Friday, 3 August 2007

On a lack of stuff

So one week ago, my phone got stolen. Shit, right?

Not really.

It's been one week and I haven't found the need for a phone. I mean, I do wanna send SMS-es and all, but I found out I can live without it. But then again, I have always been one who under-uses his SMS-es and calls.


Another thing I've been seriously lacking is SLEEP. More specifcally, recuperative sleep. Which means that the amount dream sleep and recuperative sleep I get is imbalanced. Thing is, dream sleep uses energy and as the name suggests, causes you to dream. During dream sleep, the brain is still switched on. Then there'll be your recuperative sleep, which is your resting time, when the brain is relatively switched off. Usually, depressed people experience this imbalace, which is why they wake up exhausted ('cause the brain uses up more energy in dream sleep) and with no motivation (I think this is linked between the use of too much energy).

Does this mean I'm depressed?

Back to the topic. I've been rather sleepy and stuff during school lately. Prolly because of the problem above. And there is also another explanation for my seemingly-perpetual tiredness: Lack of sleep. This lack of sleep is caused by "too many things to do, but too little time to do them".

So if you see me in class with my head on the table, it shouldn't mean that I'm depressed or suicidal or in a crappy mood.


On another topic, sometimes I feel that my life is some kind of joke. And that when I die, Ashton Kutcher will come up to me and say "You've been punk'd!"

It's like Murphy's Law states: "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong (and at the worst times)"

Not feeling crappy or whatever, just using the blog with no proper URL as a ranting place.

Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst. (Inside joke)

Now that we've gotten that^ clear, heres this post's...

Postly riddle/quickie/fun fact/quest

A riddle this time. It'll be held for quite a while and when the time is right, I'd post the meaning/solution of the riddle. Here it is, then.


Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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