Saturday, 25 August 2007

Gift? Curse?

Look down there, guys. The last half-week has been shit for me and I just had to rant it out. Bottled feelings aren't good for your health, just like how keeping your pee in your bladder isn't too good either. Or holding your shi -

Enough with the digestive-system-related analogies.

So life's still being pretty shitty, but I'm holding on, cause you're the reason I live.

I should really stop pretending that I have a girlfriend.

So yes, I'm holding on. For myself. To myself.

I'm starting to hate Talent Search right now. I've made so many sacrifices for it and it may all be wasted. Don't be thinking that this is a trivial matter of winning or losing. Personally, I couldn't care less. It's a deeper thing than you may think it is.

Fucking. Thrown. Into. The. Drain.

Gerk (yes, it's meant to be Gerk, not Jerk).

So anyway, today I had to go for electronics course, instead of going to West Coast Park with my beloved CCA for orienteering. Seriously, it means a lot to me. And why did I have to be stuck smelling burnt solder and copper in the morning?


Heard from the guys that the orienteering training was hella fun. That just makes me wanna go "@)&**&%)@*^$%@)%&@&^%)&*#R&*$%#)^*R^#)$^!$)@^H)&*DT)*&$%@)*%!!!!!"

Dammit. It's seriously frustrating.

Then Khairul, Rashid, Ms Chen and two girls ate at KFC. Ms Chen treated us with a taxi ride back to school. Then we had to go for that Mountbatten CC National Day Parade.

One word: Sucked.

The standard of the Guard of Honour was lower than us, the Supporting Contingent. More like Guard of Horrible.

Man, I'm so frustrated with myself. There's kayaking tomorrow, and not trying to sound dramatic or anything, but I'll just be pushed around.

Not. Funny.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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