Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heat of the moment

It was so hot today and my bag was left for so long out in the sun that my deodorant that has never even been used before quite literally melted.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Thursday, 18 February 2010


The Greek god of sleep.

I think I may be Hypnos reincarnate. It seems as though I'm a natural born sleeper. I can down gratuitous amounts of coffee and still sleep soundly the moment I find a bed.

What's more is that whenever I'm sitting in my usual comfortable position during lectures or lessons it just instinctively feels so perfect for sleeping. And so I do just that.

And when I was a kid, I can sleep while standing and/or eating.

It's not that I'm always tired. It just seems as though sleeping is second nature to me and it gets triggered whenever possible.

Oh well.

Your favourite born sleeper,

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Why we fight

Earlier this year I came up with a theory.

That humans fight because of an attitude of over-seriousness. People who can't take a joke or can't just shrug things off get offended and decide to blow up the opposing party's guts up.

So then I thought comedians had it right. Being able to laugh at each other and at themselves. Which is what I do on a regular basis as well. But then someone (Eugenia) told me something that made me realise that taking things seriously is also a Godsend.

With everyone taking something seriously, there's also passion and as a result, specialisation. If people didn't take things seriously, granted, there may be world peace, but it would also be very lukewarm with no one being particularly good at anything.

Which just led me to realise twelve seconds ago that we fight because of a clash of passions.

Then there's also the fact about removing racial and religious barriers to attain world peace. I think that utopia is impossible because there'll always be the few who have passions so strong they won't let any other external force crush them.

Which I'm actually for instead of against. If I had to choose between a world that's full of colour, including the red from blood spilled and a world that is full of peace but at the cost of our colour, bring on the wars.

Also, humans are violent beings. The moment we enter the world we're kicking and screaming, so it's in our nature to fight. So if we're gonna fight over something anyway, I'd rather have it while living in a world where everyone's different.

Because it's our differences that make this world beautiful and drives people to learn and understand more. A song with a harmony of different notes and chords will sound infinitely better than a song made entirely with a single recurring note.

Here's to celebrating our differences and living in a world with both love and hate (for without hate, there will be no love).

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I love the TPJC Art Room, the people inside and the memories we have and are gonna make.

Fuckin' awesome.


Your favourite TPJC Art student,

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Shiro Sagisu

is a brilliant genius.

Gah addicted to his music from the Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance soundtrack.

Awesome rebuild of an awesome series too though. One of the top -- if not the top -- of my list of recommended anime franchises.

Your favourite eva-head,

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Friday, 5 February 2010


Personally, some things going on within TPJChoir are making me feel rather down. If you're a member of TPJChoir (especially if you're in the exco), do not take this post as a bitching or flaming post of libel. I'm only doing this because I feel that putting problems like this out in the open is easier for everyone else to handle and we all know we hate underlying hate and intentions that are never clear.

I hope, dear reader, that you can read and comprehend this in an objective manner.

Also, don't take me wrong. I enjoy singing and I want to be able to enjoy singing.

Which is why this is bothering me so much.

You see, as of late, I have begun to feel a lack of care or concern for the choir and its inner workings. I feel that sectionals for the basses were becoming increasingly slow and ineffective not through any technical faults but more of problems that lay within the attitudes of some of the singers.

A few others and I feel that the section leaders (for basses at least) are getting rather egoistic with treating the singers like three-year-olds and not being able to accept most any form of constructive criticism or advice from people who actually learn music theory. The section members are also to be blamed for not caring and speaking up.

The only solution that I can think of here is for the leaders to realise, accept and reinvent their methods or choose others who can do a better job to be the leaders instead because the current leaders make the sectionals more of a waste of time than actually learning and perfecting songs. And this is a great cause of concern for some of the members.

Another problem I see would be that some of the admin leaders not explaining much and instead, just enforcing rules and opinions. They come up with a rule during committee meetings and when they relay it to the choir, it becomes a commandment that should not be questioned. Little effort is made to actually elaborate and explain to the rest of the choir why such rules have to be implemented and instead they just expect the rest of the choir to plainly accept such rules and regulations.

What I suggest is that the rules or ideas be calmly and rationally explained to the choir, so that everyone can understand the angle the committee is coming from and that too will help in letting the whole choir feel more connected and understood. Furthermore, when people turn up for the practices because they want to and not because they're forced, I feel that a lot more progress can be made.

The other problems are the many little problems that add and snowball to breed disdain and hate within the choir. Such problems will again be the attitudes of certain people and the lack of any willingness to come for practice in the first place.

All this results in my shift in priorities which in turn cause my actions to come off as slack and say that I don't like the choir. As a result, people may think of stripping me of my Logistics and Wardrobe Master positions.

All three of which I can agree with. I used to look forward to attending choir practices and loved the time spent there with my friends. That then made me want to help build, maintain and inspire a little community of TPJCians who have the passion for singing hence I tried for the position of President, which I didn't get. Instead I got Logistics and Wardrobe Master (and recently Publicity IC), which I was still cool with because I got to contribute to the choir I loved.

But with the choir in its current state now, and my feelings towards it as a result, I cannot blame anyone for thinking of me as one who doesn't like choir because I don't. Not in this state. And if there's someone more suited to hold my position in the choir, I'll gladly give it to them because the reason why I wanted to hold one in the first place was to help the choir. If someone can help it more than I can, I have no qualms about giving up my position.

It's not the same sociable, happy group that I used to know and love and when I compare that to some other CCAs whose sessions I have joined a couple of times, I just feel plain sad.

TPJChoir is not the sociable and happy group of love that I remember it to be and I find it to be a terrible waste. Which is why I felt compelled to post this in hopes that someone can read it objectively and perhaps cause us all to take action to better ourselves.

And if any J1s interested in joining choir read this, do not let this hinder your decision. My only advice to you is to ask yourself if you truly have the passion for singing that can carry you through problems like the above. Because if you don't, it'll just be sucky for you (as it is for me right now watching other CCAs actually having fun and succeeding) and also sucky for the choir. It's a lose-lose situation if such a thing happened.

That is why I did not sell illusions or lies about any CCA or subject combination; I do not want any of my juniors wasting their time on such trivial regrets.


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Monday, 1 February 2010


A day in VJ Orientation 2010.


Your favourite crasher,

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