Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Why we fight

Earlier this year I came up with a theory.

That humans fight because of an attitude of over-seriousness. People who can't take a joke or can't just shrug things off get offended and decide to blow up the opposing party's guts up.

So then I thought comedians had it right. Being able to laugh at each other and at themselves. Which is what I do on a regular basis as well. But then someone (Eugenia) told me something that made me realise that taking things seriously is also a Godsend.

With everyone taking something seriously, there's also passion and as a result, specialisation. If people didn't take things seriously, granted, there may be world peace, but it would also be very lukewarm with no one being particularly good at anything.

Which just led me to realise twelve seconds ago that we fight because of a clash of passions.

Then there's also the fact about removing racial and religious barriers to attain world peace. I think that utopia is impossible because there'll always be the few who have passions so strong they won't let any other external force crush them.

Which I'm actually for instead of against. If I had to choose between a world that's full of colour, including the red from blood spilled and a world that is full of peace but at the cost of our colour, bring on the wars.

Also, humans are violent beings. The moment we enter the world we're kicking and screaming, so it's in our nature to fight. So if we're gonna fight over something anyway, I'd rather have it while living in a world where everyone's different.

Because it's our differences that make this world beautiful and drives people to learn and understand more. A song with a harmony of different notes and chords will sound infinitely better than a song made entirely with a single recurring note.

Here's to celebrating our differences and living in a world with both love and hate (for without hate, there will be no love).

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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