Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Random, but if I were to have a single power of any kind...

I'd like to be able to physically swap myself with other people. Like, you're standing in a 7-Eleven and I'm at home, and if I use that power, I'd be at 7-Eleven and you'll be in my home.

That of all powers for unselfish reasons I swear (though maybe I could 'accidentally' switch with a girl in a shower

So if you could have any power, what would it be?

Feel free to comment.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 28 July 2008

A newfound love


Recently I've been introduced to a number of musicals that I want to watch, and I have watched a few myself.

And I have come to realise that I really love musicals. Some, anyway.

So, the very first musical I watched was...

The Phantom Of The Opera. Funny thing was, I only realised that it was a musical in the middle of the performance. Talk about blonde moment. Anyway, this musical's awesome and really heartwarming at some scenes and it's just a plain wonder to watch, especially the stage version with all the props. The movie version just can't hold a candle (or a chandelier) to the stage.

And the second one was...

P. Ramlee The Musical. As you all know, I don't like the Malay Language (or used to, I'm okay with it now), but this musical gave me new insight on a true legend. Some songs were fun, others could've been better but there was one which really made me feel. Yeah, few (if any) Malay songs can do that to me. A good watch, especially to those who're fans of his work.

The third, being the most recent one, was...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. Some said that they felt misled because the movie was a musical but wasn't advertised that way. I only started to really want to watch it because I heard it was a musical. Though I didn't watch it in depth, the songs stuck to me and I really, really like the dark feel to it, and how love motivated his revenge and stuff. Amazing stuff there. Again, go watch it.

Now, for the musicals I want to watch.

First of all...

Avenue Q. A very light-hearted musical with addictive songs and lovable characters. A Singaporean production (damn) is playing it at the end of this year. Smack-dab in the middle of the 'O' Level period. And the songs are nice to sing with a friend.

And next, we have...

Wicked. Supposed to be the story behind the Wicked Witches of Oz and the good one and stuff. Sounds really awesome with great songs, ranging from fun and bimbotic to touching to tear-inducing. I'd totally watch this if I get the chance.

And lastly (It's only for now)...

Rent. Hearing some of the songs, I have a gut feeling that it's a musical that deals with adult problems and stuff but it's not all hopeless and dark, and has some really fun and energetic songs. Definitely gonna watch it soon.

And those were the good ones. But with good, there's always evil. And to make the above musicals look even better, here are the two worst musicals.

The whole HSM series. It's annoying, has all angsty and bitchy characters, a retarded storyline and not to mention the actors have scandals. And to top it all off, their biggest fans are kids. Really, teach kids to be all whiney/bitchy/bratty and all that. I'm sure Walt Disney would be disappointed at what his company has done. So, in short, High School Musical is FUCKING GAY.

Hairspray. Okay, the characters and cast look good, save a few. But what ticks me off about this movie is that...not only is the main character not-so-slim, the main guy looks like he has a fat fetish. And he does creepy stuff about it, too. But the hair's good, at least. So, not so gay, but still, rather gay. I actually walked out of the room in the middle of the movie. Seriously, it didn't feel right.

Why? ZAC GAYFRON. Seriously. Gay. Seriously.

Now bring on the fangirl flaming.

So, basically, watch those without teenage Disney actors. And please, people of the world, do not support the growth of the HSM franchise.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist who is just about to do his homework,

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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Down and under

Yer, feeling rather down and under right now. I should seriously learn to shut the fuck up sometimes.

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Parenting Plan

I swear that I'm never gonna subscribe to Disney Channel for my kids when they grow up. They'll watch channels like National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc.

This is so that they won't end up like my siblings. Or anyone else who's a Hannah Montana/HSM fan. We all know one or two. And we also know they're retarded.

Also, they won't have game devices. That's only for when they're 16 (if they turn out right).

And, I'll raise them overseas first, then come back here so they won't have to take Mother Tongue.

I also won't be afraid to discipline them when they're young. I was caned when I was young and I turned out like this. My younger siblings weren't, and I'm pretty sure they're a lot worse. They'll thank me for it.


I'll teach them manners and respect.

Parents, feel free to use these child-raising methods. It'll make the world a less fucked-up place.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist who has a parenting plan,

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Thursday, 17 July 2008


I don't think staying back for DnT has ever been a good thing until now.

But I feel bad because I had to be so direct with Mdm Sarina (and she still wants to 'discuss with the other teachers'). Ah well.

But I also feel that it's a missed opportunity cos I won't get to make a fool outta myself on stage. If I decided to turn up, that is.

But seriously, they wanted me to beatbox to Di Tanjong Katong/Chan Mali Chan/[some other Malay-titled song]. With the choir singing it. That's like eating chocolate with curry with fried chicken.

Oh yeah, sorry bout yesterday's rant. Was feeling very agitated and stuff.

So, yeah. That's it I guess.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Prego sauce

Remember last post when I said something about bitching about the beatbox thing tomorrow?

Yeah, fuck that. I'm doing it right now.

So after numerous 'No, I don't think I want to perform's, with Mdm Sarina (not gonna bother with covering their identities now) not seeming to get the idea, I just said 'I'll see first.'

Her response: No, no 'see first'. You have to perform. Lena Poh requested you to perform, so you're obligated to.

My brain just stopped for that second as it re-checked what I had just heard. And then three words lingered in my mind.


Obligated to? If anyone knows me, they'd definitely know that being told to do something just like that really, really, really ticks me off. And motivates me to do the opposite out of spite.

As far as I remember, I don't owe Lena Poh favours of any sort. I don't even talk to the lady. Or interact with her. Or even see her.

And she's telling me I have to do something I don't like just because she requested me to? That isn't madness. That isn't Sparta. That's just plain fucked-uppedly spoilt.

For any staff reading this post, here's what I think.

I have no obligation to do what strangers tell me to unless my life depends on it. I have a choice, and I will make the choice.

So...anyone wanna see how badly I can (intentionally) screw up?

And I'm really sorry for the 8 Choir members who have to work with me. I hope you see a reason in this and I hope you agree with me that a single beatboxer among choir members is a bad, bad idea. Both are nice, like chocolate and curry, but no one eats chocolate curry.

And I sincerely apologise for any trouble I may get you in.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist (Yes, I'm beatboxing. No, not because of you),

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Here's my essay for the title 'Broken'. It ain't as good as my others and I got a 19/30.

And I think the teacher was sleepy. Hm.


Samuel Anderson Tan did it again. He had broken a mirror again just by watching himself sing. It was the seventh sixth mirror that week. It was also Monday.

"Oh no, not again. Why do the things that I make contact with always get broken? It's like I'm cursed, and now I can't even join my church's choir," he muttered to himself. "I wonder...does it have anything to do with my name?" he glanced at the nametag that sat on his desk. It read 'S. A. Tan'. "Probably not," he said, answering his own question.

Samuel then proceeded to the kitchen to fetch a broom with which he planned to clean the mess. As he touched the wooden stem of the broom, he narrowed his eyes and looked around suspiciously. After being certain that there was no way the broom could break, he calmed down. He raised his arms in victory, for the broom did not break despite being in his grip for six seconds, but he seemed to have forgotten that the broom was still in his hand. As he raised it, it hit an already unstable shelf housing an assortment of crystal glasses.

Not too surprisingly, the shelf wobbled and Samuel rapidly backed away, not wanting to be in the way of sixty-six falling glasses. Apparently he forgot that there was a window behind him and he fell out.

He fell six stories, broom in hand, and crashed onto the concrete floor, where he lost consciousness.

Samuel awoke in a white room, unable to move. He panicked, but after calming down, he realised that he was in a hospital ward and a full body cast.

"Oh, you're awake, I see. Hold on, I'll get Doctor Ang," a short nurse said to him.

Six minutes later, a beautiful doctor clad in a sterile white laboratory coat entered the room. Her soft and wonderfully-curled copper highlighted hair and captivating green eyes made Samuel's heart rate soar, which unfortunately for him, was denoted by an accelerating beeping sound.

The doctor just smiled, showing a row of white teeth in perfect alignment. The smile did not last long, though.

"Mr Tan, I'm sorry to say this but..." she said, leaving their eye contact broken, "your broom did not make it. It snapped."

Samuel wanted to raise an eyebrow, but found out that the little effort caused excruciating pain.

"You may also be wheelchair-bound for the rest of your life but we can help you! You just have to try! It'll be painful but I'll be there to guide you every step of the way. No pun intended," said the doctor, he emerald eyes now glowing with a spark of determination. Or the reflection of a computer's monitor. "So how about it? One blink for 'yes', and two for 'no'," she added.

Samuel blinked once. The doctor then introduced herself as Ang Ei Ling, and her nametag read 'Ang E. L.'. She certainly seemed angelic.

For the next six months, Samuel had to re-learn how to move his body after breaking all but six bones. It was painful, to say the least, but Ei Ling's presence gave him hope.

At last, he could move around normally again. He had also grown very close to Ei Ling. Samuel thought that his curse was finally broken. Thinking that luck was on his side, Samuel decided to ask Ei Ling out for a date.

After summoning his courage, he rand the doorbell of Ei Ling's apartment, dressed in a suit with a bouquet of roses. As the door slowly creaked open, he held his breath. Ei Ling was there, also clad in a wonderful black dress. Could it be that she knew of his intentions?

"Hey, Ei Ling, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" Samuel asked.

Ei Ling looked down and apologetically said, "I'm so sorry, Samuel, but I'm going out to meet my boyfriend."

It was then that Samuel's heart got broken.


Uh...yeah. Sorry for not being a corny lady novelist and stretching that last bit to about five more pages.

Oh, and regarding the previous post, something pretty fucked just happened. Will post it tomorrow when it may not seem as fucked up.

Your favourite ambigrammist (Still not beatboxing),

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Monday, 14 July 2008


K post on leaving NCC coming soon.

For now I wanna bitch about something.

People ask me to perform for National Day Celebration, I said I'll think about it.

They put my name down. Today they came to my class acting like I actually said 'yes', which I didn't. And even after saying 'Nah, I don't want to' very clearly and repeating it a coupla' times, they still don't geddit and still want me to perform.

First of all, I don't like being forced to do stuff. Second of all, I beatbox on my own terms, freestyling and never actually practicing a set piece. Third of all, I'll be the only Sec 4 non-choir member on stage during that item, and I wouldn't wanna like, be an interruption and a thorn among the roses (vocally speaking).

And fourth of all, it's for Propa-flippin-ganda day. Utter no.

So yes, my answer will still stay 'no' (I like how that sounded). And if I'm still forced to do it...let's just say that I'll be a total asshole on stage.

But we all won't want that so if anyone can talk some sense to the teacher-in-charge (don't get me wrong, she's a totally nice person, it's just that she's being pushy), please do.

Thanks in advance.

Your favourite ambigrammist (see I don't even beatbox anymore!),

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Jack of all trades

K so I've made up my mind on where to go and what to do after I leave TK (hopefully not my peers, wouldn't wanna leave em).

I have decided that I wanna go to a (surprise, surprise) JC. Not poly. I'm not kidding here.

I suppose you're thinking of the question, "Why would Azri want to go to a JC? And whole-heartedly at that? He's not one to study a lot and would definitely love poly life." (Okay, you probably didn't actually think of that, but let's just say you did so I can explain)

Well, y'see...Ever since TK Choir came back from Russia, and people (or person) telling me about all of their little (mis)adventures there, I felt...pretty dang left out.


Because throughout my whole teenage life, I've never been out of Singapore with my friends and without family. Sad, I know. Even when I was given the chance to go overseas through NCC, like to the UK or something, I failed to get past the interview. I even volunteered to go to India (probably for some CIP work there, but yeah I just wanted to go overseas), but the school didn't allow it cos it clashed with exams. Stupid exams.

So instead of moping about it, I told a friend of my situation and he/she (the slash denotes or, not and) made me realise that CCAs in JCs like Band (ew) and Choir (yeah, I wish) have overseas trips to places like England and stuff (not KL).

And then I thought about how I never actually hear about CCAs in poly going overseas, if they exist at all.

Annnnnnnnd so...I decided I'm not gonna waste my youth and I'm going to a JC ( ironic). Vijay (VJ) at that. Cos it's near East Coast Park and stuff (easy for skating and stuffs) among other reasons.

As for the CCA...I'm not about to disclose that just yet.

Oh, and just so you know how badly I wanna go to VJ, I'm actually killing all my hate for geog (trust me, there's a lot) and I'm already working for it.

Just gotta put our differences aside for a bit so I can get what I want I guess. But after 'O's I'm gonna start becoming an MOE hater again prolly.

Your favourite determined-to-get-into-VJ(funny how I typed that as BJ) beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Holeh shit

It's near 3am in the morning. I have school in 4 hours time. What have I been doing?

Killing my printer with my 39-paper-long SGC.

Note, it's paper long, I printed double sides for some.

K gonna tuck in now, night.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 7 July 2008

Take note

Wokay, I just had a monster virus attack from my old blog.

Yeah, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO THERE as it is now a porn site.

Yes, I have no idea how/why.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Sunday, 6 July 2008


Okay, I think I need to go skating to make me feel like the weekend's not wasted.

Because otherwise it always feels like it just flew away with the wind.

So, POP's next week. Damn. Gonna miss the guys.

I'm not very fond of NCC, but the thing about it is the bond that grew between us throughout these 3.5 years. Not exactly the fucked-up and sometimes-tough training sessions, but the before and after. Like how we all used to meet early in the mornings at McDonald's and go to Changi for our kayaking, with some of us running 4 bus stops to catch the same bus. And succeeded.

Stuff like that. Gonna miss it totally.

Also, I would rather have something to do on Saturday mornings, lest Saturdays will feel wasted. And I sure as hell prefer NCC to sitting in a classroom till my ass hurts (yes, that actually happens).

K gonna go off now, so you readers just hold on there and...wait till the next post.

P.S. Waiting would be easier for you if you were in NCC. That's basically what NCC has taught me.

Your favourite beatboxing 1SGT (for one more week, that is),

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Thursday, 3 July 2008


I've always been pretty clique-less (I still am, by the way).

But who needs a group of friends when you have two totally awesome friends who rock the shitz0r out of your world?

Presenting, Timothy and Ashley!

Two people who I can totally share my secrets and almost everything with. And the things I don't share with them are usually just kept to and for myself.

Timothy...awesome guy. Great skater. Well-informed dude who isn't terribly annoying and random.

Ashley...totally awesome girl. No doubt my best female friend evar. Again, she's totally awesome.

And here's a song that pretty much describes my relationship with both of em.

K actually, to be perfectly honest...

The only reason this post isn't long and full of awesomeness is because I just don't know where to start.

K, so yeah. The two of you totally rock my life.

And Linkin Park actually played a rather big role in all of this. You know it, Tim.

And if we should ever part
I'm sure it'll start
To feel so wrong~

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist in a trio of awesomeness,

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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Some other stuff

Masaa el kheer (Good evening!)

K stop commenting on the post below, I won't answer em anymore.

Anyway, I'm starting to learn how to understand Arabic. Wonderful language, if you ask me. Not to mention the letters are real pretty. Though not as pretty as...nevermind.

Oh, and I'm still in truncated lesson mood. Though I am starting to be more enthusiastic and open towards (surprise, surprise) Geog.

Oh, and I haz a totally awesome friend.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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