Monday, 28 July 2008

A newfound love


Recently I've been introduced to a number of musicals that I want to watch, and I have watched a few myself.

And I have come to realise that I really love musicals. Some, anyway.

So, the very first musical I watched was...

The Phantom Of The Opera. Funny thing was, I only realised that it was a musical in the middle of the performance. Talk about blonde moment. Anyway, this musical's awesome and really heartwarming at some scenes and it's just a plain wonder to watch, especially the stage version with all the props. The movie version just can't hold a candle (or a chandelier) to the stage.

And the second one was...

P. Ramlee The Musical. As you all know, I don't like the Malay Language (or used to, I'm okay with it now), but this musical gave me new insight on a true legend. Some songs were fun, others could've been better but there was one which really made me feel. Yeah, few (if any) Malay songs can do that to me. A good watch, especially to those who're fans of his work.

The third, being the most recent one, was...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. Some said that they felt misled because the movie was a musical but wasn't advertised that way. I only started to really want to watch it because I heard it was a musical. Though I didn't watch it in depth, the songs stuck to me and I really, really like the dark feel to it, and how love motivated his revenge and stuff. Amazing stuff there. Again, go watch it.

Now, for the musicals I want to watch.

First of all...

Avenue Q. A very light-hearted musical with addictive songs and lovable characters. A Singaporean production (damn) is playing it at the end of this year. Smack-dab in the middle of the 'O' Level period. And the songs are nice to sing with a friend.

And next, we have...

Wicked. Supposed to be the story behind the Wicked Witches of Oz and the good one and stuff. Sounds really awesome with great songs, ranging from fun and bimbotic to touching to tear-inducing. I'd totally watch this if I get the chance.

And lastly (It's only for now)...

Rent. Hearing some of the songs, I have a gut feeling that it's a musical that deals with adult problems and stuff but it's not all hopeless and dark, and has some really fun and energetic songs. Definitely gonna watch it soon.

And those were the good ones. But with good, there's always evil. And to make the above musicals look even better, here are the two worst musicals.

The whole HSM series. It's annoying, has all angsty and bitchy characters, a retarded storyline and not to mention the actors have scandals. And to top it all off, their biggest fans are kids. Really, teach kids to be all whiney/bitchy/bratty and all that. I'm sure Walt Disney would be disappointed at what his company has done. So, in short, High School Musical is FUCKING GAY.

Hairspray. Okay, the characters and cast look good, save a few. But what ticks me off about this movie is that...not only is the main character not-so-slim, the main guy looks like he has a fat fetish. And he does creepy stuff about it, too. But the hair's good, at least. So, not so gay, but still, rather gay. I actually walked out of the room in the middle of the movie. Seriously, it didn't feel right.

Why? ZAC GAYFRON. Seriously. Gay. Seriously.

Now bring on the fangirl flaming.

So, basically, watch those without teenage Disney actors. And please, people of the world, do not support the growth of the HSM franchise.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist who is just about to do his homework,

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fangirl flaming?

Zac Efron is gay.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 29 July 2008 at 11:26 PM
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RENT is superb. I love it. And i didn't know Sweeney Todd is a musical. Have you watched Across The Universe?
# posted by Anonymous Liyana : 30 July 2008 at 7:15 PM
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