Sunday, 19 September 2010

Waking up

I'm sorry, I just felt so good that I had to post about it.

I got up at around 7.30 (I feel best when I wake up before 9) and while walking to the bathroom I suddenly said to myself, "Mmm. Awesome."

Which of course set the mood.

Then I attempted something I've never done before. With my iPhone in a safe, dry corner of the bathroom, I played some pretty cheery orchestral pieces by Shiro Sagisu from the movie Evangelion: You Can (Not) Advance and proceeded to have a shower.

So imagine this. You're already feeling rather upbeat and then you have a warm to cold shower while listening to this.

And songs of the like. I don't know about you, but it made me feel pretty awesome.

And then of course brushing your teeth with epic battle music is always an idea that makes you feel important to the fate of the world.

Yup. Gonna do this more often.


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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Waiting for the end

Waiting For The End - Linkin Park

One of the songs coming on their new album, A Thousand Suns. Can't wait for it.

The song just feels so...I don't know. Nice. It's like "The world's gonna end, so let's make it a good one." No panic, no hysteria, no hate. Just acceptance.

After all the rage and sadness in the past 12 hours or so, this song really just picked me up and changed my outlook on life. Sometimes you just gotta accept the things that happen and yeah.

I doubt words can capture how I'm feeling now. And I'll prolly forget this feeling when I re-read this but hey, it's there now and it feels great.



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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The lack of that which drives us

Been feeling pretty shitty lately (In reference to the post below, there have been recent developments). Well, not shitty per se but less motivated than normal. I swear, only girls have the ability to do this to me.


On another note, I study best when alone. It's when I talk to myself, ask myself questions (aloud) and push myself to understand and stuff. It's like physical training but for your brain. You grow when you push and strain. If I have people around me, I'd get lazy to think and just ask them to help me out, thus removing a lot of the thinking process from my own brain (which is a bad thing). Not to mention getting distracted.

But when I study alone I drive myself crazy. It's like I

You know what nevermind I'll just go do some Physics now.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist (I have to change this soon),

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