Saturday, 28 June 2008

Some stuffs

Leave a comment/tag here and I'll

1. Tell you why I befriended you.
2. Associate you with a song / movie.
3. Tell a random fact about you.
4. Tell a first memory about you.
5. Associate you with an animal / fruit / food.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. In return, you must post this in your own LJ/BS (and what have you).

I r gon b w8ing 4 u.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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It's all a joke, right?

Murphy's Law again. I'm not even gonna describe it this time. It's just tryinna mock me and put what I want further beyond my reach.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Friday, 27 June 2008


Just for laughs fun, here's a comparison.

This was taken during 50th Anniversary:

And this some time this year:

Yeah, I don't know the point of this.


Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

Edit: It's prolly a tribute to my blogskin.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Exhausted but hey, who gives a shit?

So yeah. Mentally exhausted and very irritable right now. So much that even my music is starting to get me agitated.

And that doesn't help when no one gives a shit and when parents keep insisting that you go to your uncle's house for 'O' Level tips and shit.

Or if you have siblings who speak in a language of shouting and screaming and running around. Or if you're supposed to do something with someone, but that someone just keeps talking and talking and talking and talking with your sister even though you're already out there waiting for him/her.

So, yeah. Pretty agitated and stuff.

Which doesn't help if you're already feeling as though the universe is conspiring and plotting some joke in which nearly everything in your life goes wrong. Every. Little. Thing.

So yeah, pretty much hate my life right now.

But I'm not emo, if that's what you stereotypes are thinking.

Your favourite butt of a sick, twisted joke,

Posted by Az at 7:33 pm

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Just wanted to blog cos it was 11:23 PM.

Yeah, I have no idea.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 23 June 2008


Yeah, was kidding about going to New Zealand. Was planning to tell you guys at the airport next year, but then I'd prolly lose my friends and would want to go there.

In other news, I'm confused. Like seriuzly. 'Tis so weird.

Your favourite confused guy,

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Sunday, 22 June 2008


Damn, in 12 hours, we'll all be walking back to class after a long lecture and talk about how great Term 3's gonna be and how we'll all have to start bucking up.

And the [totally unnecessary] half-an-hour-long hair and attire check.

Then we'll be back in our homes in another 12 hours.

And this will carry on for the next 120 days or so.

Seriously? Shit.

And I won't be able to not give a shit anymore because I'm thinking (surprise, surprise) TJ or VJ. Followed by NS, Poly, and then University. Then I'm gonna work and remain a bachelor and grow up to be a bitter old man sitting on a rocking chair in his front porch and hosing little kids as they walk to school.

Yeah, sidetracked. But that just means that I have to actually work this time round and we all know I'm attention deficit.

Bah, stupid Singapore, I hate you.

Oh, and speaking of bitch which, I may just be leaving for Newsy Land to live with the uncle and continue my studies there. There are already plans being made and I'm part glad and part depressed.

Glad because, well, it's so scenic and peaceful and wide-open-space-y and there are many, many WanFongs that I can talk to (lol).

But then again, I love all the friends here, and I don't need more than one WanFong. So, yeah.

Prolly would wanna stay here, though. You guys (and girls) are just waay too awesome.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Saturday, 21 June 2008


Y'know, I find it really funny how emo and angry I was back in Sec 2.

Why the sudden realisation? Reading the archives of my good ol' blog. The old one.

It's seriously funny and embarrassing how emo or sad I used to think I was. And over a really, really ridiculous matter. And I blame the hormones. Dang puberty.

That's all you need to know. No URL, because this time it's waaaay too embarrassing (and when I find it embarrassing, you know it is).

But for those who already know the URL, go ahead and get a good laugh out of it. Just don't share it with others. Be selfish. Be Singaporean.


On another note, went to the TK website yesterday to check for the new timetable. Since I was there, I figured I might as well look at the other stuff on the site and all I got to say is:

Bull. Shit.

Seriously guys, look at all the 'promises' and all that crap they wrote. Maybe the staff should check on the website too, as a reminder.

But then again, all schools may be like that. It is Singapore after all.

And it's seriously starting to look like Mr Lee's caring more about the students coming into TK and not really giving a shit about those who are in TK. Even with all the student forum shit, where only a few people can get to voice out their opinions. And those few people probably don't even have opinions! Or not.

Good thing this is my last year here, because I wouldn't wanna be around when it all goes down (even heroes know when to be scared).

So yeah, in my opinion, TK's downfall has begun (and I think we all know who we can blame).

Your favourite antidisestablishmentarian,

P.S. That was a sign off, not the answer as to who is to be blamed for TK's trip down South.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

And the sun is shining, and the birds are singing~

Yeah. The morning started off really happy and stuff. Felt super fresh after taking a shower without sleeping at all. With the birds twittering and a pretty sunrise view-able from my window, it seemed as though all is well, even though a really close friend was going off and leaving me alone for six days.

And then I watched some Animal Planet. Felt sleepy, so I went to sleep. When I awoke, things got from bad to worse.

Was all moody and stuff and DnT didn't really help, because I was thoroughly shouted/screamed at. But when united with friends and all that jazz, I was happy again.

But still it's kinda sucky.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated topic, theres some filming shit going on at my house.

And a more relevant note, I have two tickets for a movie marathon this Thursday at Orchard Cineleisure. Movies are Kung Fu Panda and The Incredible Hulk and they start at 12:30pm onwards. Sad thing is that...there's also DnT that day. So if I can't make it, which one of you bargainheads (Singaporeans) want to leech it off of me? Leave a comment.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Change of skin, as you can see. Have been thinking about it for a while, with the colours in mind.

Navy blue and pumpkin are fun colours to toy around with.

So, uh, yeah. Comment on the skin (which was hand drawn save for the URL and the boxes of text lying around), and...I hope you guys like it.

The fruits of not sleeping through the night.

And I shall end with a very wise, thought-provoking saying that teaches a valuable lesson.

See those ledges? It's scary to jump off them at first, but you can avoid tall grass.

I'll leave you to ponder over the meaning of this great statement.

Your favourite random and not-so-sleepy beatboxing ambigrammist,

EDIT: Look at the time the previous post was posted. Cool, eh?

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Monday, 16 June 2008

It all starts with laziness

This is basically an analysis of myself. Hopefully this will answer some questions you might have as to how/why I do things. Or not do things, rather.

So, I'm a lazy boy. Even when I was still a wee lad (I'm talking newborn here). Okay, let's be fair. It's not fully laziness. It's more of not seeing much need to do stuff.

This was probably the reason as to why I didn't really pick up soccer (even though I'm Malay) back in the day. It's just my nature, I guess.

This lack of seeing a reason to do something is also probably why I don't really socialise or make new friends. Or rather, strengthen a friendship. This leads to me being not-so-close to some people, and so they'd rather hang out with their closer friends, leaving me with a lot of time to myself. And this, my friends, is when I develop my strange habits.

When I'm alone, I think. I'm alone a lot, so I think a lot. Since so much time is spent thinking, my brain tends to connect the many things that I think about. This makes me able to see a lot of strange and weird connections between things, thus all the weird references and jokes and conspiracy theories that I share with the (un)lucky few who are close to me.

But I don't think all the time when I'm alone. That's just tiring. So how do I spend my remaining energy? Hating. Simply put, I hate stuff like TK Band and Mr Lee because I have nothing better to do, though I may or may not have a pile of valid reasons for hating the latter.

Oh, I see, Azri. But what about High School Musical?

That's because there was a time in my life where I decided that normalcy is overrated and that I'd like being different. Therefore, I became the longest word in the English dictionary: Antidisestablishmentarian. This is why I hate a lot of stuff that the majority of you like. My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, etc. And Linkin Park doesn't count because they're original too and I like that.

But seriously, HSM just sucks.

The nothing-better-to-do thing is also the reason as to why I generalise things. Like, how I say all songs of certain bands are gay. Or how a certain someone cannot have a single good speck in em.

Going back to the part where I think too much and not have many friends, I think it's just going overboard if you get over-analytical and become some kinda know-it-all hypocrite who likes to butt into other people's businesses. Sad for those who're like that, because it's a vicious cycle.

Lonely-think and analyse-become hypocrite-loses friends-even more lonely-even more thinking and analysing and so on and so forth.

I think we all know if I'm referring to anyone here. So, yeah.

Your favourite lonely guy,

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Thursday, 12 June 2008


I so madly wanted to post something here.

Something...(cue Sylar voice) significant.

So I've realised blogs are. People could be stalking my blog right now, hoping that I put up a tagboard so that they can post 'W00T FIRsT COMMENT!!!1!!1!1!!!11one!!'.

How do I know this?

Simple. I'm a stalker bitch as well.

One of those dark (lol), mysterious internet creepos who do nothing but read people's blogs and drool (or more) over you or your friends' Friendster (or Facebook or Myspace, either way I don't use em) profiles.

So imagine. What you write thinking that it'll be a secret on your blog can easily be accessed by creepy dudes like me. Or Phil. Or Richard, you wouldn't want him stalking you.

So imagine if those stalkers are government agents. Wait. Singaporean government agents. Looking through the diaries of us adolescents, sifting through every post trying to detect heresy. And if they do find any hint of it, they'll inject you with the same stuff they did back in Primary 5, making you explode if you decide to break the chains of innovation-killing propaganda.

In that case, I'd just like to say: Fuck you, government.

Yeah, I have no idea.

Your favourite random stalker-ey dude (or so he wants you to think),

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Gar, feeling all weird and upset.

But before I go into an emo anime scene that lasts for 12 minutes, let's move on to...other things.

Like that Monday which was spent snorkelling and sleeping. Swimming and following two sharks is totally kickass. Especially when there's nothing between you and them save an arm's length (at most) of seawater (and a snorkel mask, of course). Oh, and the sharks were around an arm's length too.

And...seeing (a) sea turtle swimming and gliding and stuff in the water is just plain beautiful. And graceful. And it made me feel all fuzzy inside. Sorta.

And the sleeping...uh...Nothing special there.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time for an emo spell.


Your favourite guilt-ridden guy who swam with sharks,

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Friday, 6 June 2008

The deed is done

Peace and safety upon you, brothers.

For the past two weeks or so, I haven't been blogging. I've been learning much, and one very important lesson that I've learnt is that 'nothing is true, everything is permitted'.

A virtual cookie to those who can guess what I'm referring to.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

Posted by Az at 12:05 am

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