Saturday, 21 June 2008


Y'know, I find it really funny how emo and angry I was back in Sec 2.

Why the sudden realisation? Reading the archives of my good ol' blog. The old one.

It's seriously funny and embarrassing how emo or sad I used to think I was. And over a really, really ridiculous matter. And I blame the hormones. Dang puberty.

That's all you need to know. No URL, because this time it's waaaay too embarrassing (and when I find it embarrassing, you know it is).

But for those who already know the URL, go ahead and get a good laugh out of it. Just don't share it with others. Be selfish. Be Singaporean.


On another note, went to the TK website yesterday to check for the new timetable. Since I was there, I figured I might as well look at the other stuff on the site and all I got to say is:

Bull. Shit.

Seriously guys, look at all the 'promises' and all that crap they wrote. Maybe the staff should check on the website too, as a reminder.

But then again, all schools may be like that. It is Singapore after all.

And it's seriously starting to look like Mr Lee's caring more about the students coming into TK and not really giving a shit about those who are in TK. Even with all the student forum shit, where only a few people can get to voice out their opinions. And those few people probably don't even have opinions! Or not.

Good thing this is my last year here, because I wouldn't wanna be around when it all goes down (even heroes know when to be scared).

So yeah, in my opinion, TK's downfall has begun (and I think we all know who we can blame).

Your favourite antidisestablishmentarian,

P.S. That was a sign off, not the answer as to who is to be blamed for TK's trip down South.

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