Sunday, 31 August 2008


A blend of Milo, chocolate ice-cream, coffee, condensed milk, ice and some water makes a damn awesome midnight drink.

Wish I had full cream milk, though.

At times like these I love/hate my metabolism rate. I can eat (at least) a cup of Ben&Jerry's ice-cream daily for a week and lose a kilogram.'s not really my fault I can't get the mass to beef myself up. I really wish I could. Seriously. Any girls wanna switch metbolism rates?

Your favourite beatboxing ever-skinny guy,

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Friday, 29 August 2008


In a moment of chilling clarity, I came to a chilling conclusion that was the truth. It made my heart feel chilly and empty, and it was also like a really spicy chilli that made me cry.


So, it has been shown clearly that the Sec 3 students are really good planners. The National Day and Teachers' Day celebrations were awesome, epic and have provided me with awesomeness and fun.

And I am totally envious of singers.

Now...if only there were more celebrations.

So...fasting month starts on Sunday, and that means no skating till after that, and since by then it'll be awfully close to the goshdarned 'O's, I'd have to wait till after the damn thing before I can skate.

And a poll might be coming up soon, so watch out for it.

Yours sincerely,
Veerajaya Muthusamy Barjatnam Singh s/o Vijay Kusami Ravinderatnam Singh
Vanhel Singh

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


After a good night's sleep, feelings similar to that expressed in the post below can be almost fully erased (thanks, WanFong!).

But then again, I think some epic phail thing is hiding right around the corner. Hm.

On another note, DnT's almost, almost, almost done. It's a never-ending nightmare, but when there's a final due date, it just dies.

Thank heavens for that too.

So...yeah. Not (as) emo/frustrated any more. The past two days have been rather fun and satisfying, actually.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 25 August 2008

I must really be an asshole... deserve what I've been getting for the past two weeks.

Seriously, a little streak of bad luck's perfectly normal, but this is just ridiculous. Every little thing goes horribly wrong.

An example would be when I completed my DnT product. I was so damn happy. Then there was just a little white spot to be painted and I thought 'Oh, it's all right, what can go wrong?' The bleeding product got painted wrongly and I had to come on Saturday to practically repaint the damn thing.

Seriously. Every. Little. Thing. And it seems everything I say has come back to bite me in the ass.

Also, for the last two weeks, my life's been getting more pathetically miserable and frustrating and it seems that the only reason why there were spots of happiness was to make my fall even greater.

And strange thing is that it has very little to do with the 'O's.

Also, I've been feeling so frustrated that I've actually started raising my voice to good friends and teachers (actually, thinking about doing that to friends, but I did do that to a teacher) and if you know me, I would usually let it slide and relax. But now, I've been saying (and meaning) 'I wanna kill something' a lot more often.

And...while thinking about stuff earlier today, I realised how I'm pretty sure I may have lost quite a hefty chunk of my purpose in life.

And frankly, I think I'm about to crack pretty soon.

Your favourite guy (unless you're Lady Luck, then it's the opposite),

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I. Hate. Babies.

And DnT.

Look at the time.

Your favourite baby-hater,

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

If not now, then when?

So here's a list of stuff I plan to do after the dreaded 'O's.

- Go for _______ lessons
- Pick up piano again
- Go for art lessons
- Learn guitar or something
- Skate every few days (if not every day)
- Screw around
- Learn/try something new
- Game
- Read

Yeah that's all I can think of now.

I'm hoping to learn things I actually want to learn. And do the things I want to do.

And I find it real sad that my DnT product gets more ladies than I do.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Grow some, click on the picture in the post below!

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Sunday, 17 August 2008


Omg guys. The area in front of Changi NSRCC is haunted.

We took this picture ourselves yesterday and it wasn't edited except for the red circle.


See the ghost beside Timothy???

Omg this is so freaky.

Your favourite ghost,

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Fucking pervs

If there's one thing I really hate it'd be guys who don't have any respect for girls/women.

Being horny is normal, but to the point that you would disrespect girls who you actually know personally, that fucking pisses me off.

Worse off, showing that disrespect openly. In front of the girl herself.

You probably know who you are, and I wanna tell you I've lost every ounce of respect I ever had for you.

And I hope you die a fucking miserable and painful death.

Fucking pervs.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Boom De Ah Dah

This song makes me feel

- Happy
- At peace
- As though all's right with the world
- Like working for Discovery
- Like learning something new and interesting, even though it may be something really menial

All's right with the world. For now.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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hey ur not funy any moer

I think I'm getting less funny as each day passes by.

And strange thing is, it's getting me down. Real down.

Why so serious...



And I'm also starting to feel like an annoyance. Which also sucks.

Also, this is not a joke.

Gah inferiority complex for the fucking win.

Your least favourite joker,

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Guys, guys, guys! Add 8 to today's date and it's Hayden Panettiere's birthday!

More importantly, add 9 and it's mine!

K wishlist time.

I want... Alienware Area 51 m17x gaming notebook Audi R8 with that license number Audi TT with that license number be the very best!

...(World) Peace that way

Yeah, just a guide if you wanna get me something. But if you, for some reason (I wouldn't know why, though) can't get your hands on any of them for me, anything or nothing will do.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist who's turning 16 soon,

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TAM pwns

Period (oh, the punniness!).

Bleah, had only an hour and a half of sleep last night but was less sleepy in school today than usual. And damn.

The end of my DnT project and folio is in sight. It's so near I can almost taste free afternoons. I can almost reach out and grab it.

But, like bad Disney franchises, it never ends.

Experienced three four (Edit: Just had one at 8:10pm) TAMs today (that's an acronym of Typical Az Moments). I think I'm the victim of a neverending Punk'D episode.

Oh, and B4 for MT. Well, that's good for me, I guess, since I usually get a C5 if I'm lucky but I just can't help feeling that it was wasted.

And this further fuels the Audi R8 that will hopefully drive me to Vijay. Sad thing, I don't know how to drive (oh, the punniness again!).

K bye.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Monday, 11 August 2008

Tomorrow = Naptime

Because I'm pulling an all-nighter attempting to complete my DnT folio.

Yes, I pwn.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Puppets do it better, Singapore does it worse

Gah, fucking Singapore made Avenue Q look like shit.

Fucking retards.

Singapore sucks.

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Saturday, 9 August 2008


You and me, we'll do out part
Work together to find Mas S'lamat

Uh, yeah.

So today was pretty fun.

Woke up at 7, left home at around 8. Arrived at Melvin's place at 8.30-ish and we (Melvin, Timothy and I) adjusted our wheels, then headed down to Big Splash for some skating.

All the way till 1-ish I guess.

Then Tim had to go and Mel and I lunched, followed by me buying some stuff for my DnT (which just never seems to end). Went home, did the DnT and then went to a house which I haven't visited for like 2 years.

And I'd like to do that all over again.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Friday, 8 August 2008

Someone's turning a year olderrrrrr...

No, I'm not gonna post about Singapore. This is about my friend Justin Bailey from down under turning 18 on the 8/8/08.


Oh and the celebration today was fun and high, followed by Science practicals, then me feeling hopelessly emo and being all dramatic. And that was hilarious, by the way.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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Thursday, 7 August 2008


Coffee's heavenly. And look at the time.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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You know how guys tend to bend over and protect their balls when they see a video or something about someone getting hit square in their jewels?

I think I have a more severe reaction to IV needles. That was after my little hospital episode, where the needle would sometimes move around in the vein and hurt. And mine was just a small needle, too.

Seriously, thinking about that makes me rub my left hand and...I don't think I'll ever be ready to donate blood because that means a bagful (almost fainted with a syringeful) of blood from the vein at the back of the elbow, which I find way more sensitive than the hand vein thing.

Seriously. Ouch.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist with a fear of needles and due to it does not know his blood type,

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008


K, today I closed only one door, so that means sticky notes should be implemented when I get off my lazy ass to get a pad.

And here's something for you to laugh at.

And yes, that's me.

Your favourite environmentally-friendly (almost acidic) skater,

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Monday, 4 August 2008


Y'know how in the previous post I said I'll start using sticky notes if I have to close five doors this week?

I've closed 4 (almost 5, but wasn't sure if the student was waiting for something).

And it's Monday.

Gotta get the sticky notes then. And seriously, it makes me real irritated seeing how some teachers can just roll their eyes and smile when I say they should close the door.

Now, if they weren't teachers or if I'm 100% sure that the school staff doesn't read my blog, I'd call them assholes.

But, neither is the case, so they're not assholes (not on this blog anyway).

And I didn't close the doors right when I saw them, though. I see if a teacher walking by closes it. Two did, and I'm proud of 'em. For the others, though, not really. More like disappointed.

Sticky notes will probably be up Wednesday onwards (and whenever I see an open door and have to close it).

Your favourite environmentalistic asshole who's totally a bastard,

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Fear me

For I have the power of morality and a nagging conscience.

To such a huge extent that you have no idea.


On another note, I think teachers should really be better role models. I mean come on, they expect students to be responsible when they themselves aren't.

For any teacher reading this, here's a little morsel of knowledge: Doors work two-ways. They can be opened, and they can be closed. Also, the doors which you usually come out from are leading to an air-conditioned room.

Seriously, if I have to close doors more than 5 times next week because they were left open, I'm going to start pasting sticky notes on the doors before I close them, to remind them to close the door. Again, and again. Till it gets into their heads.

Then we'll see if teachers are literate too.

Also, teachers should be role models by dressing appropriately. If you don't like students wearing short skirts, then try wearing a dress or something. Or at the very least, don't wear a skirt that's above. The middle. Of. Your. Thighs. 'Tis obscene and very disturbing.

Oh, and try to be a little bit more positive and motivational, please.

Oh, and we all know the teacher(s) who read this will probably regard it as nonsense, so I plead to students reading this blog to help and be an example to the teachers. At least for the door bit. Maybe the teachers will grow a sense of shame and start closing the doors too, and the young 'uns will start following suit and hey, think of all the energy we can save collectively. Those Sec 1s will grow up and be an example to future batches and the cycle of goodness and caring-for-the-environment will carry on throughout the generations. And the best part is that they can bring the habits home and beyond and influence even more people and just think. Of all. The energy. We can save. It just takes a person to make the difference.

Makes sense, don't it? Though I believe that some teachers are too proud to accept it and just give excuses. And you tell us not to give excuses.

And teachers, if you won't do it because of peer pressure, because it's against the mainstream for teachers to practise taking advice from a mere student, think of it as a first step to help the environment. And maybe, just maybe, your gang of teachers might nod and say 'Wow, that is the right thing to do. Let's all do it!'

So basically, this rant of a post is trying to send one message across, and I don't think it's a very hard message to register, or a message with any bad consequences.

Don't be a hypocrite.

That's all I guess (and I'm serious about the sticky note thing, if it has to come to that).

Oh, and if you're reading this, Mr Lee, please try and make the teachers see how a simple act can collectively save the environment (and the school a lot of money for electricity bills). Thanks in advance.

Your favourite environmentally-friendly guy with morals,

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