Monday, 25 August 2008

I must really be an asshole... deserve what I've been getting for the past two weeks.

Seriously, a little streak of bad luck's perfectly normal, but this is just ridiculous. Every little thing goes horribly wrong.

An example would be when I completed my DnT product. I was so damn happy. Then there was just a little white spot to be painted and I thought 'Oh, it's all right, what can go wrong?' The bleeding product got painted wrongly and I had to come on Saturday to practically repaint the damn thing.

Seriously. Every. Little. Thing. And it seems everything I say has come back to bite me in the ass.

Also, for the last two weeks, my life's been getting more pathetically miserable and frustrating and it seems that the only reason why there were spots of happiness was to make my fall even greater.

And strange thing is that it has very little to do with the 'O's.

Also, I've been feeling so frustrated that I've actually started raising my voice to good friends and teachers (actually, thinking about doing that to friends, but I did do that to a teacher) and if you know me, I would usually let it slide and relax. But now, I've been saying (and meaning) 'I wanna kill something' a lot more often.

And...while thinking about stuff earlier today, I realised how I'm pretty sure I may have lost quite a hefty chunk of my purpose in life.

And frankly, I think I'm about to crack pretty soon.

Your favourite guy (unless you're Lady Luck, then it's the opposite),

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