Friday, 29 August 2008


In a moment of chilling clarity, I came to a chilling conclusion that was the truth. It made my heart feel chilly and empty, and it was also like a really spicy chilli that made me cry.


So, it has been shown clearly that the Sec 3 students are really good planners. The National Day and Teachers' Day celebrations were awesome, epic and have provided me with awesomeness and fun.

And I am totally envious of singers.

Now...if only there were more celebrations.

So...fasting month starts on Sunday, and that means no skating till after that, and since by then it'll be awfully close to the goshdarned 'O's, I'd have to wait till after the damn thing before I can skate.

And a poll might be coming up soon, so watch out for it.

Yours sincerely,
Veerajaya Muthusamy Barjatnam Singh s/o Vijay Kusami Ravinderatnam Singh
Vanhel Singh

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