Saturday, 2 August 2008

Fear me

For I have the power of morality and a nagging conscience.

To such a huge extent that you have no idea.


On another note, I think teachers should really be better role models. I mean come on, they expect students to be responsible when they themselves aren't.

For any teacher reading this, here's a little morsel of knowledge: Doors work two-ways. They can be opened, and they can be closed. Also, the doors which you usually come out from are leading to an air-conditioned room.

Seriously, if I have to close doors more than 5 times next week because they were left open, I'm going to start pasting sticky notes on the doors before I close them, to remind them to close the door. Again, and again. Till it gets into their heads.

Then we'll see if teachers are literate too.

Also, teachers should be role models by dressing appropriately. If you don't like students wearing short skirts, then try wearing a dress or something. Or at the very least, don't wear a skirt that's above. The middle. Of. Your. Thighs. 'Tis obscene and very disturbing.

Oh, and try to be a little bit more positive and motivational, please.

Oh, and we all know the teacher(s) who read this will probably regard it as nonsense, so I plead to students reading this blog to help and be an example to the teachers. At least for the door bit. Maybe the teachers will grow a sense of shame and start closing the doors too, and the young 'uns will start following suit and hey, think of all the energy we can save collectively. Those Sec 1s will grow up and be an example to future batches and the cycle of goodness and caring-for-the-environment will carry on throughout the generations. And the best part is that they can bring the habits home and beyond and influence even more people and just think. Of all. The energy. We can save. It just takes a person to make the difference.

Makes sense, don't it? Though I believe that some teachers are too proud to accept it and just give excuses. And you tell us not to give excuses.

And teachers, if you won't do it because of peer pressure, because it's against the mainstream for teachers to practise taking advice from a mere student, think of it as a first step to help the environment. And maybe, just maybe, your gang of teachers might nod and say 'Wow, that is the right thing to do. Let's all do it!'

So basically, this rant of a post is trying to send one message across, and I don't think it's a very hard message to register, or a message with any bad consequences.

Don't be a hypocrite.

That's all I guess (and I'm serious about the sticky note thing, if it has to come to that).

Oh, and if you're reading this, Mr Lee, please try and make the teachers see how a simple act can collectively save the environment (and the school a lot of money for electricity bills). Thanks in advance.

Your favourite environmentally-friendly guy with morals,

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I'm in!
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