Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TAM pwns

Period (oh, the punniness!).

Bleah, had only an hour and a half of sleep last night but was less sleepy in school today than usual. And damn.

The end of my DnT project and folio is in sight. It's so near I can almost taste free afternoons. I can almost reach out and grab it.

But, like bad Disney franchises, it never ends.

Experienced three four (Edit: Just had one at 8:10pm) TAMs today (that's an acronym of Typical Az Moments). I think I'm the victim of a neverending Punk'D episode.

Oh, and B4 for MT. Well, that's good for me, I guess, since I usually get a C5 if I'm lucky but I just can't help feeling that it was wasted.

And this further fuels the Audi R8 that will hopefully drive me to Vijay. Sad thing, I don't know how to drive (oh, the punniness again!).

K bye.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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