Monday, 4 August 2008


Y'know how in the previous post I said I'll start using sticky notes if I have to close five doors this week?

I've closed 4 (almost 5, but wasn't sure if the student was waiting for something).

And it's Monday.

Gotta get the sticky notes then. And seriously, it makes me real irritated seeing how some teachers can just roll their eyes and smile when I say they should close the door.

Now, if they weren't teachers or if I'm 100% sure that the school staff doesn't read my blog, I'd call them assholes.

But, neither is the case, so they're not assholes (not on this blog anyway).

And I didn't close the doors right when I saw them, though. I see if a teacher walking by closes it. Two did, and I'm proud of 'em. For the others, though, not really. More like disappointed.

Sticky notes will probably be up Wednesday onwards (and whenever I see an open door and have to close it).

Your favourite environmentalistic asshole who's totally a bastard,

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