Monday, 16 June 2008

It all starts with laziness

This is basically an analysis of myself. Hopefully this will answer some questions you might have as to how/why I do things. Or not do things, rather.

So, I'm a lazy boy. Even when I was still a wee lad (I'm talking newborn here). Okay, let's be fair. It's not fully laziness. It's more of not seeing much need to do stuff.

This was probably the reason as to why I didn't really pick up soccer (even though I'm Malay) back in the day. It's just my nature, I guess.

This lack of seeing a reason to do something is also probably why I don't really socialise or make new friends. Or rather, strengthen a friendship. This leads to me being not-so-close to some people, and so they'd rather hang out with their closer friends, leaving me with a lot of time to myself. And this, my friends, is when I develop my strange habits.

When I'm alone, I think. I'm alone a lot, so I think a lot. Since so much time is spent thinking, my brain tends to connect the many things that I think about. This makes me able to see a lot of strange and weird connections between things, thus all the weird references and jokes and conspiracy theories that I share with the (un)lucky few who are close to me.

But I don't think all the time when I'm alone. That's just tiring. So how do I spend my remaining energy? Hating. Simply put, I hate stuff like TK Band and Mr Lee because I have nothing better to do, though I may or may not have a pile of valid reasons for hating the latter.

Oh, I see, Azri. But what about High School Musical?

That's because there was a time in my life where I decided that normalcy is overrated and that I'd like being different. Therefore, I became the longest word in the English dictionary: Antidisestablishmentarian. This is why I hate a lot of stuff that the majority of you like. My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, etc. And Linkin Park doesn't count because they're original too and I like that.

But seriously, HSM just sucks.

The nothing-better-to-do thing is also the reason as to why I generalise things. Like, how I say all songs of certain bands are gay. Or how a certain someone cannot have a single good speck in em.

Going back to the part where I think too much and not have many friends, I think it's just going overboard if you get over-analytical and become some kinda know-it-all hypocrite who likes to butt into other people's businesses. Sad for those who're like that, because it's a vicious cycle.

Lonely-think and analyse-become hypocrite-loses friends-even more lonely-even more thinking and analysing and so on and so forth.

I think we all know if I'm referring to anyone here. So, yeah.

Your favourite lonely guy,

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