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Here's my essay for the title 'Broken'. It ain't as good as my others and I got a 19/30.

And I think the teacher was sleepy. Hm.


Samuel Anderson Tan did it again. He had broken a mirror again just by watching himself sing. It was the seventh sixth mirror that week. It was also Monday.

"Oh no, not again. Why do the things that I make contact with always get broken? It's like I'm cursed, and now I can't even join my church's choir," he muttered to himself. "I wonder...does it have anything to do with my name?" he glanced at the nametag that sat on his desk. It read 'S. A. Tan'. "Probably not," he said, answering his own question.

Samuel then proceeded to the kitchen to fetch a broom with which he planned to clean the mess. As he touched the wooden stem of the broom, he narrowed his eyes and looked around suspiciously. After being certain that there was no way the broom could break, he calmed down. He raised his arms in victory, for the broom did not break despite being in his grip for six seconds, but he seemed to have forgotten that the broom was still in his hand. As he raised it, it hit an already unstable shelf housing an assortment of crystal glasses.

Not too surprisingly, the shelf wobbled and Samuel rapidly backed away, not wanting to be in the way of sixty-six falling glasses. Apparently he forgot that there was a window behind him and he fell out.

He fell six stories, broom in hand, and crashed onto the concrete floor, where he lost consciousness.

Samuel awoke in a white room, unable to move. He panicked, but after calming down, he realised that he was in a hospital ward and a full body cast.

"Oh, you're awake, I see. Hold on, I'll get Doctor Ang," a short nurse said to him.

Six minutes later, a beautiful doctor clad in a sterile white laboratory coat entered the room. Her soft and wonderfully-curled copper highlighted hair and captivating green eyes made Samuel's heart rate soar, which unfortunately for him, was denoted by an accelerating beeping sound.

The doctor just smiled, showing a row of white teeth in perfect alignment. The smile did not last long, though.

"Mr Tan, I'm sorry to say this but..." she said, leaving their eye contact broken, "your broom did not make it. It snapped."

Samuel wanted to raise an eyebrow, but found out that the little effort caused excruciating pain.

"You may also be wheelchair-bound for the rest of your life but we can help you! You just have to try! It'll be painful but I'll be there to guide you every step of the way. No pun intended," said the doctor, he emerald eyes now glowing with a spark of determination. Or the reflection of a computer's monitor. "So how about it? One blink for 'yes', and two for 'no'," she added.

Samuel blinked once. The doctor then introduced herself as Ang Ei Ling, and her nametag read 'Ang E. L.'. She certainly seemed angelic.

For the next six months, Samuel had to re-learn how to move his body after breaking all but six bones. It was painful, to say the least, but Ei Ling's presence gave him hope.

At last, he could move around normally again. He had also grown very close to Ei Ling. Samuel thought that his curse was finally broken. Thinking that luck was on his side, Samuel decided to ask Ei Ling out for a date.

After summoning his courage, he rand the doorbell of Ei Ling's apartment, dressed in a suit with a bouquet of roses. As the door slowly creaked open, he held his breath. Ei Ling was there, also clad in a wonderful black dress. Could it be that she knew of his intentions?

"Hey, Ei Ling, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" Samuel asked.

Ei Ling looked down and apologetically said, "I'm so sorry, Samuel, but I'm going out to meet my boyfriend."

It was then that Samuel's heart got broken.


Uh...yeah. Sorry for not being a corny lady novelist and stretching that last bit to about five more pages.

Oh, and regarding the previous post, something pretty fucked just happened. Will post it tomorrow when it may not seem as fucked up.

Your favourite ambigrammist (Still not beatboxing),

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