Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Jack of all trades

K so I've made up my mind on where to go and what to do after I leave TK (hopefully not my peers, wouldn't wanna leave em).

I have decided that I wanna go to a (surprise, surprise) JC. Not poly. I'm not kidding here.

I suppose you're thinking of the question, "Why would Azri want to go to a JC? And whole-heartedly at that? He's not one to study a lot and would definitely love poly life." (Okay, you probably didn't actually think of that, but let's just say you did so I can explain)

Well, y'see...Ever since TK Choir came back from Russia, and people (or person) telling me about all of their little (mis)adventures there, I felt...pretty dang left out.


Because throughout my whole teenage life, I've never been out of Singapore with my friends and without family. Sad, I know. Even when I was given the chance to go overseas through NCC, like to the UK or something, I failed to get past the interview. I even volunteered to go to India (probably for some CIP work there, but yeah I just wanted to go overseas), but the school didn't allow it cos it clashed with exams. Stupid exams.

So instead of moping about it, I told a friend of my situation and he/she (the slash denotes or, not and) made me realise that CCAs in JCs like Band (ew) and Choir (yeah, I wish) have overseas trips to places like England and stuff (not KL).

And then I thought about how I never actually hear about CCAs in poly going overseas, if they exist at all.

Annnnnnnnd so...I decided I'm not gonna waste my youth and I'm going to a JC ( ironic). Vijay (VJ) at that. Cos it's near East Coast Park and stuff (easy for skating and stuffs) among other reasons.

As for the CCA...I'm not about to disclose that just yet.

Oh, and just so you know how badly I wanna go to VJ, I'm actually killing all my hate for geog (trust me, there's a lot) and I'm already working for it.

Just gotta put our differences aside for a bit so I can get what I want I guess. But after 'O's I'm gonna start becoming an MOE hater again prolly.

Your favourite determined-to-get-into-VJ(funny how I typed that as BJ) beatboxing ambigrammist,

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ngee ann poly gives overseas trips every year everywhere provided its a good course ^^
however,JC's always a better choice haha:)
good luck and add oil
# posted by Blogger `cyn : 11 July 2008 at 10:21 PM
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Actually polys offer overseas trips too.

The only thing is that it's not subsidized (don't think this is a problem for you). But as for JCs, I think getting selected to go overseas is harder. For polys you'll just have to sign up.
# posted by Anonymous Sheep (lazy to sign in) : 12 July 2008 at 11:39 AM
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i got rejected from the overseas japan trip cause like.. more than 3/4 of the quota was taken by j1s..
' you'll get your chance next year '

Anyway azri, we both know the other reason why you picked JC, and vj at that. (:
# posted by Anonymous melvin : 12 July 2008 at 4:49 PM
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But gais. I'm also not sure of what poly course I want. Prolly graphic design but then I'll have to hone my (1337) skillz before being at an equal level with my peers.

And we all know nothing does that better than doodling in your JC notes, am I right, WanFong?
# posted by Blogger Az : 12 July 2008 at 9:34 PM
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