Sunday, 6 July 2008


Okay, I think I need to go skating to make me feel like the weekend's not wasted.

Because otherwise it always feels like it just flew away with the wind.

So, POP's next week. Damn. Gonna miss the guys.

I'm not very fond of NCC, but the thing about it is the bond that grew between us throughout these 3.5 years. Not exactly the fucked-up and sometimes-tough training sessions, but the before and after. Like how we all used to meet early in the mornings at McDonald's and go to Changi for our kayaking, with some of us running 4 bus stops to catch the same bus. And succeeded.

Stuff like that. Gonna miss it totally.

Also, I would rather have something to do on Saturday mornings, lest Saturdays will feel wasted. And I sure as hell prefer NCC to sitting in a classroom till my ass hurts (yes, that actually happens).

K gonna go off now, so you readers just hold on there and...wait till the next post.

P.S. Waiting would be easier for you if you were in NCC. That's basically what NCC has taught me.

Your favourite beatboxing 1SGT (for one more week, that is),

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