Thursday, 23 August 2007

75 squared is 5625 and I did that mentally

This post has got nothing to do with math, so don't run away just yet.

I see a problem in keeping the existence of my I'm-older day low. No one. Knows.

Which is a good thing...and a bad thing. Good thing is because I won't get flattened/kicked/lose-my-chance-of-becoming-a-father/shaved by the guys. A bad thing is one knows. The day went by like any normal day with a maximum of six "Happy Birthday"s.

And that's pretty depressing.

Why? Because today was Amir's birthday (yes, I'm older than him by one day) and he got loads of gifts/wishes from his friends (and my friends). Seeing that right after your birthday isn't a very encouraging thing.

Enough with the complaining, on to the thanking.

Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday (I made up that six thing, but there were definitely less than fifteen), and a special thanks to Cheryl Anne Lee, the only friend to have given me a present.

Those conflicts cakes/cookies were awesome. Shouldn't have shared 'em with anyone. Thanks again, Cheryl.


On to the Talent Search 2007 rehearsal after school. Seeing Nicky's band perform and a dual-percussion performance was pretty cool, and the dual-percussion performance was cool. But guess what's cooler?


Sad to say, I shouldn't reveal what Mdm Nora told me about my performance just yet but she said that I should change (significantly) one of the parts. The part that I feel was one of the most important parts. And I'm telling all of you, changing it the way she suggested would make my performance a lot less awe-inspiring.

Darn. Let's try to work around it, then.

The competition looks pretty even this year, with some comebacks from last year's Talent Search (you've had our limelight, move on!) so it should be a pretty fun ride.

Transform, and ROLL OUT

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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