Saturday, 11 August 2007

Like, what the hell?

So now you see the Great Change this blog has gone through. Visual appeal aside, its not really great. In fact, it kinda sucks.

Probably because the HTML was edited by someone who hasn't touched HTML in months, and that someone also is very, very, very inexperienced in codes and that shit.

You'll notice that you won't be able to comment (not like any of you did anyway, and now you can't refute this statement because you can't comment!), which kinda sucks for you and more importantly, me.

So an intro to the above beauty you see up there^.

Images/fonts were NOT made/drawn by me. I merely took others' works and made a beauty. I'm such a thief.

So up there you can see (from top centre, clockwise): Rainbow, Lamborghini Gallardo(whoot!), Skull, Smile/Frowney (Smowney?), Someone's legs (which are blessed by DC shoes), Banana, Optimus Prime, PSP. There also seems to be a sideways 'K' made of yellow tape.

And the other shapes(eg. sun)/splats were made with Photoshop Brushes.

I. Am. Damn. Tired. Now.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,
Az (Check that out below! v)

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thanks to alexander g. wood, the comments are now working, so you can refute anything starting from...

# posted by Blogger Az : 11 August 2007 at 7:19 PM
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