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Nothing to do with Live Earth, for those fellow tree-huggers out there.

So we got back the composition section of the June holiday homework. Got a 21/30 for this one and yeah. Topic was "Green". So here it is...


Midori was an avid fan of the world's 'green' characters like The Incredile Hulk, Green Goblin, Master Chief and Shrek. She did not like them for their powers or personalities. She liked them because they were green, or wore green costumes.

Midori was such a fan of the colour that she dyed her hair green, which got her into trouble in her school, Tanjong Katong Girls' School. Midori's classmates always treated her like an outcast, saying that the only reason Midori entered the school was because of the uniform. It was green. They said that Midori had a mental problem and nicknamed her 'Greentard'.

One morning, Midori woke up from a dream. She dreamt of a person spraying green paint all over the walls of a void deck. "If only there were such a hero," the sixteen-year-old thought to herself as she picked up that day's newspaper. On the front page, there was a picture of a green void deck, the same one Midori dreamt of. "It looks so much better in real life," she thought.

For the next few nights, Midori dreamt of her hero - the green-garbed vandal - spraying more and more void decks green. And the mornings after that there were more articles of the void decks, telling readers to call the police if they had any information regarding the vandal. Midori was against this, as she idolised the mysterious character.

One morning, after yet another dream of her hero marking territories with green paint, Midori opened her front door, to find two policemen. They told her that the evidence found on the latest 'green site' pointed to her.

Midori was shocked. "How could it be me? More importantly, I fell in love with myself?" she questioned herself.

The policemen then brought her for questioning and after using lie detectors and such, they found out that Midori really did not know anything about the vandal, except that he liked green.

They performed a series of tests on Midori and found out that she suffered from split personality disorder and that her other self was the one who did the crimes of vandalising.

To prevent her from posing a threat to people, Midori was sentenced to a life of solitary confinement.

As she sat down in one corner of the spongy room, she thought to herself, "At least the walls are green."


And by the way, "Midori" is Japanese for "Green". Dang, should've totally said she came from Greenland while grinning.

And that piece of crap got me 21 marks. This just proves how not being so tense and uptight can benefit you.

Life is full of shit. Enjoy it.

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