Wednesday, 22 August 2007

364.25 x 15

At 0402 hours this morning, your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist turned fifteen years old.

Dude, that's like, 780.53571428571428571428571428571 weeks.

5463.75 days.

131130 hours.

7867800 minutes.

472068000 seconds.

You get it. So after all these years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, I'm here.

Blogging with the help of a calculator. Somehow that seems pretty pathetic.

I smell Koko Krunch.

Back to the point. I'm fifteen years old now, and what have I achieved? One heckuva fun ride. Sure there were sad times, angry times, high times, happy times, and stoning times, but this ride so far was a seriously fun one.

And it's not going to stop anytime soon (I hope).

All the choices I've made in my life thus far...there were short-lived regrets once in a while, but if I were to go through these fifteen years all over again, I wouldn't change one bit of it.

Now I'm a beatboxing ambigrammist, Mathemagician-to-be (hehehe...) and lots more. I'd say fortune has been smiling unto me for my life so far. Well, let's hope lady luck will continue smiling for me till I get my Lamborghini Gallardo.

So, yeah. I'm pretty happy about my life so far, and I think I'd continue to be happy.

Like Justin said,
"Life fucking rocks."

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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