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Today was rather...interesting.

For one, a teacher lost his/her temper for what seemed to be like the first time. Yes, 3J can really get irritating sometimes. Not me, I was busy sleeping.

Another thing was Talent Search rehearsal. Stage fright wasn't much of a problem but...Beatboxer's Block. You know, like Artist's Block. Yeah, Beatboxer's Block". I didn't feel my momentum, and I wasn't in the zone today. Weird.

So my performance was pretty sloppy to me, but to others, it was "Quite good". Well, maybe because 80% of the school's population doesn't know shit about beatbox.

The other performances were pretty tight, too. But maybe that's because I don't know shit about bands playing or non-vocal percussion or dancing. So...yeah.

Another issue: Theft. It's a real fucked-up thing. I know how it feels like to get my phone (which was a part of my conscience) stolen, and yeah. It's a really shitty feeling. Another case is that of my close friend. Someone stole his/her allowance for the next three weeks and now he/she has less than ten bucks to live on. You know how sucky that is?

If you're a culprit of such cases, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves and if I find out of anyone of your existences, 999's just three clicks away.

On to less tense issues...I got a 20/30 for my English Common Test. THAT'S A FREAKIN' B3!!!! Stupid, stupid, careless mistakes.

Anyway, topic was mirror and here's mine:


"Mirror, mirror on the wall. WHo's the fairest of them all?"

Just then, she paused the DVD, right before the mirror in Disney's animated film, "Snow White", could answer. The little girl then said to herself, "I am! I'm the fairest of them all!"

Kate did this repeatedly, slowly killing the afternoon. Kate had an obsession with mirrors. She was awed by them. It seemed magical to her that people could see themselves with a method that did not involve killing themselves, that method being using a mirror.

Kate's love for mirrors first began after an incident where she had almost lost her life. Kate was nothing but a little two-year-old when she was saved by a mirror.

It was a warm night when Kate's parents left the house for their fifth anniversary dinner. They did not feel the need to call for a babysitter to look after little Kate because the maid and Kate's grandmother, Grandma, were at home.

"Take care, Kate. Don't go near that mirror we just bought. We love you," Kate's mother picked up the toddler and kissed her before putting her down.

Then her father added, "Remember, do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, touch or go near that mirror." He then picked Kate up and pecked her on the cheek once before leaving. They closed the teakwood door, but Kate could still hear her father say to his beloved wife, "Dear, did you know that the word 'ginormous' has been added to the dictionary this year?"

Not seeing any importance to stay in front of the door, Grandma and the maid went to the living room to watch "Desperate Elders". Kate just sat down and watched the show with her elders until she got bored of old ladies screaming and scratching at each other.

Engrossed in the drama of "Desperate Elders", Grandma and the maid did not notice Kate crawling away and out of the living room.

Kate then went to her favourite room in the newly-bought mansion. She called it the Empty Room because at it was mostly, as the name suggests, empty. In front of a single window stood the mirror her parents warned her not to touch.

She crept nearer to the gigantic frame and it slowly loomed above her like a monolith. Being in its infancy, Kate's conscience did not deter her from her ultimate goal: the shiny surface of the mirror. Her father's words rang in her mind.

"Do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, go near that mirror."

Kate shrugged it off, not knowing the meaning of most of her father's sentence. Trying to re-enact the scene from "Narnia", she looked around the mirror for any opening. Going to its side, Kate found a narrow gap where the mirror stood against the wall. The gap might just be wide enough for Kate, so she went into it.

Kate had just learned how to crawl, so her unsteady movements caused the mirror to tilt and fall, away from her fragile body. Now, the mirror was visible and the moonlight shined onto the broken shards of the mirror that lay on the marble floor, making it seem like there was a glittering sea of tiny opals on the floor.

Just then, Kate saw someone enter through the open window with what she made out to be a cleaver. Kate let out a scream of excitement, as she thought that the black-clothed man could be her new playmate.

Surprised by the falsetto of Kate's shriek, the man lost his balance and fell towards the shattered pieces of the mirror. The shards entered his body like a thousand tiny knives, piercing through his skin. He lay on the floor motionless.

Grandma and the maid ran into the Empty Room to find a man lying on the floor with a seemingly disappointed Kate. Grandma quickly called the police.

It turned out that the man was a serial killer on the loose after escaping Azkaban Changi Prison. The pieces of the mirror had entered his lungs and he had died a painful death. Since then, Kate had always felt that mirrors were magical entities watching over her and protecting her.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?"

"Me!" cried Kate elatedly before switching the television off, and stared at her reflection in the empty, black screen.

She then hugged the television.


Haha, so how was that?

"A little fantasical. Some good descriptions though."

That was the comment by the marker on the paper. And the word "fantastical" doesn't even exist. What a fantastic English teacher.

So add your own comments.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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