Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Celebrating the youth while it lasts

What's up y'all?

This weekend has been a pretty awesome one, first reason being that there was Youth Day on Monday, meaning another free day. Second reason being the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY NO HOMEWORK for that weekend.

Which, obviously, rocked.

My Friday started off with me being the slow, slooooow flag raiser for the school flag. But it was still cool because I wasn't the only flag raiser who screwed up that day.

The piano lesson for that day was better than usual mainly because I got to learn the first 'full' part of Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera (yes, Amirul, POTO). And, well, it's a nice and easy-enough-to-play song.

After that I got to watch Transformers with the family. Effects were awesome, the cars were sexy, the female protagonist was sexy and the fact that there were robots fighting each other was awesome (some boy instincts never die).

My Saturday was fully spent with GOH (that's Guard of Honour) training and after that I got to go to the match thingaling in the National Stadium and then sorta tailed a certain someone with a certain girl. Wish I could elaborate on that but I can't. My lips are sealed. Reached home at 12 and got to have a nice sleep before...

...the next morning, which I spent in religious class. After that I just rot at home before going to a weekly neighbourly/family-ey/religious-ey gathering, which was fun, because I got to play Resistance: Fall of Man on my neighbour's PS3 (yes, I live 20 seconds away from a PS3).

Then the next morning was pretty boring but the lunch was awesome. $20 (I think) for a buffet. I don't think they would've suspected a person like me to come along. I got ONE black pepper crab, TWO bowls of sharksfin soup, many glasses of iced lemon tea, two lil' cheesecake cubes and (check this out) FOUR black pepper steaks. Yes, four. 4.

Then watched Surf's Up with two of the sisters and well, it was kinda nice. Jokes were funny and they way they made the whole thing look like a documentary was pretty cool. But, like most 3D movies, it was cheesey, which is an okay thing. I wouldn't wanna watch a bunch of penguins doing stuff that I won't understand now, would I?

Yeah, that's all I could remember.

So, time for...

Postly riddle/quickie/fun fact/quest

Both movies that I watched in the past few days starred Shia LeBouf. Betcha didn't know that.

Your favourite young beatboxing ambigrammist,

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