Monday, 9 July 2007

Our day to shine...or faint

Yesterday was the much anticipated NCC Day Parade.

Picture taken by Aman and his phone. Model is me.

It was pretty awesome. One thing I got to experience that day was the feeling of almost fainting. I suddenly felt short of breath at first, then I started to see purple dots in my vision. After that, I experienced tunnel vision. Then my vision went all black/purple and I had to squat down. I actually didn't mind fainting but if I did, the bayonet would stab me smack on my stomach, so I had to squat down. Luckily it was just the rehearsal, not the actual parade.

That's why one should NEVER skip breakfast and stand for an hour under the sun with a cap that's so tight in cuts into your skull.

And then it was lunchtime. Lunch wasn't so good (it's NCC after all) but Khairul, Wafiy and I saw something really cool. Won't elaborate here.

Then we slacked in the bunk for a looooong time before the next rehearsal started.

This time I wore my peak cap really loosely, so no fainting here. Then it was teabreak, which was followed by another looooong break before dinner. The dinner was western, so needless to say, I finished mine (except for the onions). Then we had to suit up for the parade.

And I got a super-shiny golden badge. Man, AKE badge rocks asses.

And then it was time for the parade. We were all taking photos with friends and our respective teacher officers. The sun was setting, and that's when the awesome picture above was taken. I have another version, of Aman and Kai Wei, but I shan't take my glory away by putting them up here.

At the parade, I saw my parents. They were waving at me (maybe they didn't know I couldn't adjust?). And then in the middle of the parade, my head started to ache again and I started to regret telling myself to wear my cap tightly and nicely for the actual parade, but I held on, and I survived, without getting any shortness of breath or blur vision.

And as soon as it all began, it ended.

Sadly, we had to depart with our No. 1 uniforms after the parade. A moment of silence for that, dear readers.


And then took train home with the fellow Guards of Honour, Flag-bearers, members of the Supporting Contingent, Suhaila (Aman was there) and my arch enemy who's also my best friend, Amir (or Amigatron or Anything...long story).

And then I was asleep on my bed.

I didn't want anything to mess up this post, so no Postly riddle/quickie/fun fact/quest for this post.

Your favourite beatboxing, ambigram-making Guard of Honour,

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