Saturday, 29 September 2007

The most awesomest day ever

Sarcasm, yeah that helps.

Was at Riverside Quay for Halo 3's post-launch event. I got to play Halo 3 with this cool dude at Heroic difficulty (yeah it was awesome), but sadly did not win a Legendary Edition. I tell you, that damn lucky draw is rigged (how else would they know that the winner had been present at all four pre-launch events?).

Me and the man himself (hah, now Daniel isn't the only one).

Anyway, I answered a super-easy question right and they gave me a Halo 3 Goodie bag with three really small goodies. Two of them were the same Halo 3 keychain and the other was a wristband with the Legendary difficulty logo on it. Also, this guy was giving out Tagger bag vouchers for free and I took one (so that made me have a total of $60 in Tagger vouchers).

Was starting to go to Pasir Ris Park to have a picnic break fast thing with the cousins and family when I saw this mosque. I thought "Hey, I might miss prayers, so...for my own good and so that misfortune doesn't befall me, I should pray.". So I, being an utter retard, left my bag which contained a PSP, headphones, Angels and Demons, the Halo 3 goodie bag, the $60 worth of vouchers, PSP games (OMG I just realised that) and the Halo 3 goodies outside the prayer room. After my prayers, I went outside to find that (surprise, surprise) the bag was missing.

The mosque had CCTV cameras, so with the help of the staff, the guy who stole it was caught in the act. I wanted to make a police report, so I searched high and low for a police station. Not being able to find any, I decided to just call the police, and the police said that I needed the address of the mosque. So, I ran all the way back, and got the address, called the police. The police said he'd be sending his men down there to check the CCTV and that I had to wait.

A few seconds before breaking fast, I got a call from the police. He gave me a serial number (probably of my case) and told me to go to a police station at my convenience.

What. The. Fuck.

So, yeah. Now I'm sitting here, blogging about the day, with $500 worth of stuff gone.

Some people just piss me off.

Your favourite beatboxng ambigrammist,

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