Wednesday, 5 September 2007


No, not about the thoughts of a sea.

Today was the finals for the 34th (I think) annual Sea Competition, where cadets of different NCC (Sea) units go all out and kayak fight their guts out to be top dog...or cadet. For their unit, of course.

We swept first place for all but two kayaking events. First for dragon boating and some other stuff, I'm not too sure.

So after a long day of waiting, screaming, waiting, screaming even more, and screaming, we emerged as Overall Champions.

We had better, cause now my voice is practically non-existent.

For those who didn't get gold for their events, fret not. I have lived three SeaCom's without getting a medal. Also, it's just a competition, not a life-death situation.

So for those people who're feeling down, cheer up. The journey's more important than the end or the start. As long as you know you've put in your best effort, you wouldn't need any more assurance.

So, at 7pm, TK NCC (Sea) had the school to themselves. What did we do with it?

Eat KFC. Lots, and lots of KFC. And it came out of Ms Nadira's, Ms Seah's and Ms Chen's wallets, and cost more than a bomb. Two and a half bombs, to be exact.

So, I'll end this post with...



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