Friday, 12 October 2007

Finished the Fight

Yes, everyone, your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist just (well not exactly, more like two hours ago) completed Halo 3 on Normal difficulty.

Graphics for the game were really, really, really good. Super awesome, super realistic. Go get an XBox 360 with HD AV cables, a HDTV (doesn't have to be that good, I think 720p should be fine), and the game itself. The movement, animation and maps were more realistic than reality (you know how hard it is to get that???), like a waxy/oily surface shines like (and/or better than) a real waxy/oily surface. There was this instant where a Grunt looked real.

Gameplay was awesome too. Seriously. It's not too hard, not too easy. It's like, it may be easy to kill a Brute (punch `im a few times) but try doing that when there are ten (or more) Brutes shooting grenades at you. At the same time.

And there's more interactivity between yourself (or more of the Master Chief) and the environment/enemies. Now you can blast the armour on the back of a Hunter off (yes, it friggin breaks off) and you can also shoot the methane tanks of the Grunts away too (did that with a Grunt during the post-launch party and it jumped, and jumped, and jumped). And then there's also the body hump thing in multiplayer where a body goes up and down when you crouch and stand on it (go watch some videos).

Storyline was thrilling, and accompanied with the (totally awesome graphic-ed) cutscenes, it became clear that the game itself was Hollywood worthy. Even that in itself is an understatement. That's how damn good it is.


So now I'm on to another game called Bioshock. Never heard of it? Go and Youtube it, that's how I got to know of the game. So far the game is cool, with graphics that are nice but not of halo 3 standard but...the settings and stuff are creepy. Seriously, you can also tell that when you watch the videos. It's like all quiet and you hear a woman whispering and stuff and she suddenly goes mad and starts Incinerating (if you don't get this, Youtube and Wiki Bioshock) you.


But with a great console and games comes great sacrifice, that's why my Hari Raya money this year goes to the parents. And I also have to share it with my brother. Grr.

So, yeah. That's pretty much. Geddit, much? Much, a lot, this blogpost...Gosh, I'm so lame.

Your favourite beatboxing gamer,

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