Saturday, 20 October 2007


WARNING: If your reading of expletives/vulgarities/flaming/anger etc. will get me into trouble, DO NOT READ THIS POST. Do not say I didn't warn you because I did.

I. Am. Fucking. Pissed.

Imagine this:

You just came back from your tiring NCC training where you got pumped through and through (this isn't the cause of the anger). You reach home, wanting to take a shower and then rest or play your XBox 360.

You walk up the stairs and find your sister playing the 360. You look at the TV screen and it turns out that she was playing your Collector's Edition Halo 3 game, the one you bought with your own savings (let's say it's very hard for you to save up) and whose playing was restricted to anyone without your permission.

You take the disc out, reach for the Collector's Edition metal case and you find that the case was dented. Very. Obviously.

Yes. That's what fucking happened. I asked her for compensation, which was 80 dollars, even though the chances of actually finding another Collector's Edition is fucking slim to none. She just fucking said "No."

So, I took the initiative of searching her fucking room for the money, telling her that the compensation could also be paid tenfold in kind (think hammer and iPod/laptop/etc.)

She stopped me, told the father and then after a lecture and so on, the conclusion was this: She did not need to pay back in ANY. FUCKING. WAY. and the reasoning, ACCIDENTS. FUCKING. HAPPEN.

According to the older bitch (sister), the younger brother took the fucking game down at her request. Even if my sister didn't know the fucking rule of NOT TOUCHING MY HALO 3, my brother knew it all too well, what after always saying he can't touch it when he asked.

When the father asked him why he didn't tell the bitch, he just kept quiet.

Kept. Fucking. Quiet. What can you fucking infer from this? I'm no fucking S.S. genius but I can tell you that he knew the restriction well. And what did he do? He fucking brought it down anyway.

And who's at the loss here? The sentimental loss? The monetary loss?

Fucking me.

And who were the ones that got away without fucking compensating anything?


Fucking siblings, never did fucking like them.

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But anyway, getting angry doesn't solve anything.

It's prolly hard to take it with a pinch of salt but what to do.

Sibling are siblings.

# posted by Blogger Sheep : 21 October 2007 at 8:06 PM
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