Friday, 9 November 2007

Dying in your sleep even before you sleep

Bet that didn't make sense.

So...sorry for my internet hiatus for the last two days (that is, if you actually noticed, in which case, you probably would've called or SMS-ed me or something, which no one did, so no one actually noticed, which puts this whole paragraph to naught).

Internet was down and the dad was overseas.

So, anyway, stuff happened in the past two days (oh, who the heck am I kidding, I'm just gonna show off my gamerscore again).

One, I went to the dentist's truck/trailer thing and since I was such a good boy, she gave me this tooth keychain thing...which was actually floss. Well, at least it had a smiley sticker on it.

Oh yes, I'm starting to like Heroes.

And then the next day was Deepavali, so did nothing much, watched The Game Plan, though. It's one of those movies that start off all funny, then becomes heartwarming (think, 'aaaaaaw') and then it just gets corny (without the bones, and I doubt only Justin will get this). But nice movie nevertheless.

And when I reached home from the movie, I decided to try my luck at getting the third level of Halo 3 completed with a total of 15000 points in the Campaign Meta-Game. I forgot what happened, so no details...yet. So, anyway, I turned on all skulls except for the Iron, Blind, and Cowbell skulls.

Which means that the Catch skull was included (more grenades and stuff).

After a few attempts, I decided to get some shuteye, and the moment I closed my eyes, I saw plasma grenades flying at me. Lots of `em. Like, seriously. Thus, the title of this post. Note that I was pretty conscious at the moment, not even surrendering to the warm embrace of sleep.

None of those grenades hit me, though. That is, to the best of my knowledge.

Or of those grenades did hit me and as it exploded my consciousness died and I drifted off to dreamland (which is probably what will happen when you cross Dream Works and Disney Land), where I dreamed of something weird, and hopefully untrue.

But I guess that if I were to die by a plasma grenade in real life, then the dream was probably a vision of the future, which I hope not, but even if it did come true, I would've been blasted to pieces already.

So, uh...yeah?

Oh yes, the post below about aliens (geddit, ah-lians) was something I did to kill time. You want less of those posts, go get me a game for my Penelope (I doubt that the people who'd get this are the people who don't read my blog, so yeah).

Oh, yes. Daniel, I've completed the first five levels (that means up till The Ark) with 15000 points. Which leaves my gamerscore to be 1300 (which is nothing compared to what Joshua claims his gamerscore to be).

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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