Thursday, 29 November 2007

If I were a vampire's son...

...and if I were to marry
I would marry a vampire's daughter
More than anybody
Because she can suck, and I can suck
And we can suck together
In the middle of the night
Sucking one another

If I were a carpenter's son...

Totally random NCC song.

Oh, speaking of NCC, did you know that there was NCC camp from Monday to Wednesday?

Betcha didn't. So here are some of the highlights of the camp.

On one night, we had our Night Topography, and we ended up walking from TKSS to Tanah Merah MRT (on the way to Expo, but `twas too far and we got called back), where we took bus 31 back to school.

And after that, when we were all back in school, we took the Part A's (sec ones) around to TK's hotspots, as in, TK's more haunted areas. One of the areas ws the famed L-shaped toilet on the third floor. I made the whole of Part A fall in at the longer part of the 'L' and I stood near the bottom part. Then we told them stories and such. Aman was telling them how previous ASM Shadan heard noises and how he too slept there before. And after that, I said "And the door is locked nowadays.", which was true. And at that moment, as if on cue, everyone there heard shuffling noises and the sound of a door unlocking coming from the infamous toilet. Trust me, no one was there and it was on the same level as us.

Then while the Part A's had their solosleep (you can guess), us Part C's were in the middle of the assembly plaza scaring ourselves with stories and stuff.

The next day, we all went to Wild Wild Wet, like we do every year. Timothy, Edmund and myself just went for two rounds around Shiok River and washed up, ate and slacked. From 11-ish am till 3pm.

And then there was the barbeque, which caused some Part C's to feel sick and stuff. Following that was the movie, Shutter. Some Part C's were slightly scared (me included) and...yep. After the Part A's and B's went to sleep, the Part C's went back into the freezing auditorium to watch 300. Awesome movie.

And the next day, we all got to go home...

...except for the Part A's.

Initially I had photos to show y'all, but some other time, eh?

Oh, yes. One thing to note: All criticism and mocking made in posts that aren't rants on how current music sucks and stuff like that are all done good-naturedly. Do not take them personally.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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