Thursday, 1 November 2007

"Somewhere...beyond the sea..."

Yeah, that song from Bobby Darin (whoever that is).

This `ere post has nothing to do with music. Just gaming.

So you might be wondering why the abovementioned song was...mentioned. Simple, because it was used for Bioshock (y`know, the game I told you to Wiki and Youtube about...)

Completed it. As a good guy, which means I saved all the Little Sisters. Gameplay is awesome, though the settings can be pretty repetitive and confusing.

But all in all, totally awesome game. 4.58246 controllers out of 5. The ending was pretty touching too. But of course, you'd have to play it to feel the impact. Plus, how often do you get to modify your genes and stuff? Great game, great game.

Would you kindly go get an XBox 360 and play Bioshock now?

"Get `im Mr. B! Get `im!"

Oh, and by the way, gamerscore 1235.

Your favourite genetically modified shooter,

Posted by Az at 6:28 PM


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