Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Y can't I haz my life back?

"No, you cannot has your life back."

But moooom...

I bet you're all "?!".

If you are, then I has win you.

Sorry for the gamer talk, it has (Finally used 'has' right) been an addiction for me.

So, yep. School's killing my brain. No, it's not "fryiing miee braain wit e topicxxz worhxzxz", it's draining all o f my mental energy, and if I sleep at 12 in the morning, the next day's a sleepfest for me.

So, in a way, school right now's pretty much like a mental NS.

Down with The System.

So, anyway, check out some of my n00b art skillz.

Okay, so the lighting and stuff may suck but hey, my first serious work. And you gotta admit, the Little Sister is awesome.

Pink Spartan are gener pwn you.

Ah, the homework and my mistress beckons me.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist (When was the last time I made an ambigram?),

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