Thursday, 10 January 2008

In the space that's above me is where my heels are

Which is another way of saying I'm head over heels.

Over who?

Oh, none other than Miss DnT.

Oh, I've fallen in love with the subject. A math is different. Sometimes we quarrel over certain stuff, and at times its like I can't seem to understand her. But she can be fun, though. DnT makes me guess more, and sometimes I wonder if the stuff I'm doing for her is right or wrong. But at least she's making me independant.

The subject names might just be a replacement for girls' (Or guys') names. Yes, I keep secrets and play around with words for my own personal amusement.

Oh yes, speaking of wordplay, there's a very high probability that something big will happen and it'll change my life. It might take a leap of faith, but who knows?

I'm just killing y'all with suspense, aren't I?

Fret not, just a month or so left before it happens.

If it happens.


Now I'm off to do something else for my fair maiden.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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