Saturday, 26 January 2008


I feel like crushing New York City.

Cloverfield is win. Go watch it. Like, now, dude.

Really cool movie, with great perspective. The acting was great, and the presence of human nature made it less...military-crush-big-ugly-monster-ey.


So, anyway, OPERATION: TOGETHER is gonna change my life-ish.

And Phase One should be beginning soon but I haven't even finished the planning.

What's it all about? Look at the title, duh.

If you receive random poking from Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray on your facebook, it's probably me. And I'll probably eat your brain, too.

Till then,
"I wanna lay tangent to your curves."

That was not by me, but I can come up with worse.

A brief (lol) aphorism before I go off.
Words are like children's minds. It's fun to mess around and toy with them.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist who would porbably save his girlfriend if she was stuck in a bad situation due to a big monster/alien attack,

Though I'm not saying that I have a girlfriend *hinthint*.

Yeah, I should shut up now.

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