Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Y'know what?

I seriously need a vacation.


With internet connection.

Without family. They piss the hell out of me (Yes, you, [insert name of family member here]. You annoy me to the core).

So, yes. My vibe and mood for the night has been prematurely ruined (Usually it's ruined by 12 a.m. when I have to sleep).

But I'm not a believer in flaming, ranting or excessive use of vulgarities, so I guess this is the GeogElective-ing end of this bloody GeogElective-ey part of the SS-ing GeogElective-ifying MT-ey part of this post.

*The subject names represent what I think when I'm being taught about them. And no, I don't like those subjects.

Sooooooo...that made me feel so much fucking better. No wait, the previous sentence did.

On to happier news, my birthday is one day after Hayden Panettiere (Spelling?), whose birthday is on the 21st of August *hint*.

On less bitchy issues, here's what I made...the other day.

I tried to capture the look I sometimes have after an A Math lecture. I call it the "What the fuck?" look.

Your fucking favourite beatboxing ambi-fucking-grammist,

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