Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Another blogpost

For no reason, actually. I'm just bored. come here often? What brings you to this part of the internet?

Uh, nope, and nothing, really.

Right. I've noticed that I actually like to talk and narrate stuff to myself. Like, in public. And I'll hum some random tune. I think I might just be 343 Guilty Spark.

Oh, speaking of Spark, did you know that whenever (almost) Timothy does a powerslide or jumping powerslide with Daniel's skates, there are sparks? Betcha didn't. And it was awesome, by the way.

Figured that out during camp.

Oh, speaking of camp, I have one thing to clarify. Yes, I absolutely despise TK Band. And Mrs Priscilla Chan's biasedness towards it may have just fueled my hatred. Don't get me wrong, some band members I know rock and pwn asses (Though some can burn in a fire. Yes, you) and I like those band members. I just don't like the band as a whole (That kinda sounded like asshole). And I don't like the teachers in charge of band during band sessions and camps. Personally, I think they're really noisy and irritating as hell, and that choir should be TK's niche CCA (Though this may be due to preference in music types. Get me a school band that can play nice slow and soothing songs and I might just change this statement).

Now that we've got that cleared up, let's see what else I can talk/bitch about.

Oh yes, school stuff. Y'know, it really fucking sucks when you've already planned something, and another thing comes up and ruins that plan. Especially if that plan can't be done another time. In this case, watching a movie. This should have priority over DnT remedial as it was planned way beforehand and DnT just took over. Now, I wouldn't be so pissed (Not that I am, anyway) if it was scheduled before I made the plans, or if I can go watch the movie some other time. Which I can't, because school makes me stay back every fucking day.

Grr, I think I'm getting easily pissed off these days.

Because of what, you say? Well, school. Duh. Fuck you, changes that take place without prior notice.

Your favourite fucking beatboxing ambigrammist (Unless you took that band thing personally, which if you did, I'd say get yourself a life and get me some earplugs),

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