Saturday, 29 March 2008

I want Turok with you all night long

As you can probably guess, this post is gonna be about the dino-killing game, Turok.

Look at my XBox Live Gamertag there on the right. See how the latest game I've played isn't Halo 3 (dhun dhun dhun)? It's a big green 'T'. The logo for Turok.

So basically, you play as this space marine guy with awesome biceps and you go around killing stuff. Mainly dinosaurs. And soldier-like guys.

Despite the fact that the checkpoints are few and far between (not too much, though), this game (Tu)rocks.

Oh, and Turok also boosted my gamerscore by 80G.

In other news, teenage game addict of Tanjong Katong Secondary School has started neglecting his studies, though there's nothing particularly new there.

Your favourite beatboxing dinosaur-killing space marine (with awesome biceps),

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