Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Unless of course, ranting requires anger. Then I'm just pondering over random stuff.

I have no idea how that's supposed to make sense because I'm confused too.

So, anyway, first rantom (Random + Rant = Rantom. Genius, eh?). People can endure cold and wind and stuff. That's logical. But what is beyond me is how girls can feel so comfortable wearing super short shorts and a small tee while I'm freezing my ass off wearing a tee shirt, a shirt and a jacket with my underwear, shorts and pants. And also, when I wear shorts, I somehow kinda feel exposed...ish. But seriously, how does wearing barely visible shorts make you feel comfortable? And why do you guys (And by this I mean girls) wear them?

For your information, I'm in a room where the fan's speed thing is at its lowest, with the glass doors to the balcony shut and I'm wearing shorts. And I'm freezing.

Another this is...being unreasonable.

But nothing has been confirmed yet, so I'm not gonna blow my top off (That was not meant to sound dirty or sexual) yet. Also, it's nice to have a blogpost which doesn't involve any anger.

So, till then!

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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