Monday, 21 April 2008

Madness! This is madness!

You know, all some people think about are studies, studies, studies. And studies. I, for one, can't seem to be bothered right now. About anything, that is.

For some reason I just can't seem to give a shit.

And I've been feeling rather down for the past few days (think of a whole day spent sleeping and moping around). The very, very last thing I need is for some adult to come and scold me and shout and tell me to study.

Which then leaves me in a seriously pissy mood. And for the next not-sure-how-long, I'll be thinking "Dude, what's your fucking problem? Has it ever occurred to you that I'm a human being, and even worse, a teenager? Has it ever occurred to you that I might - just might - be going through some serious shit right now? Grrr, just fuck the hell off!".

Yes, I'll go into a typical teenager angst scene sorta thing.

I apologise to those people who think that I'm an insolent brat for my giving other things a higher priority than my studies.

Oh, and recently, I can't seem to give a shit about anything at all. I don't know, maybe I'm actually depressed (not emo, that's so immature).

So, yeah. Though I'm not saying that I don't have my happy times.

Okay, so that's probably 35% of what's been bothering me. So...yeah.

K I'm off to try and think and reflect for a bit.

Your favouri - ah who gives a shit.

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