Thursday, 24 April 2008

More madness!

How the hell did I end up playing more of this:

than this:

When I had the choice?

No. Idea.

In other news, I think root beer is the source of my fortune and happiness. See, I've been root beer sober for the past few weeks and in that time I got sick and really pissy (uh...not literally) and my world seemed to be crumbling down around me.

Lesson: A root beer a day keeps the bad stuff away.

Except for diabetes, that might come pretty soon.

Oh, and I'm getting pretty darn jealous of a certain group of people. Like, seriously I-would-give-anything-to-be-them kinda jealous. And yes, a group of people, so this isn't a BGR jealousy thing.

Or is it? Hmmm...

Oh, and I forgot about my idol again. Sorry `bout that.

Your favourite beatboxing root beer-o-holic,

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