Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Call me emo or whatever, but I think life is really trivial.

I mean, come on. Does anyone here know what their purpose in life is? No, Larry, studying does not count as a purpose.

Life is just so...empty and routine. Like, I'd have to go through this whole life, die, (The following predictions are according to Islam) wait till doomsday, get resurrected with everyone else who's ever lived, wait in line to get judged, get sentenced to Heaven or Hell, and if I go to Hell, I'd serve my time and then go to Heaven. For the rest of eternity.

The thing is, when I think about it, I feel that all this is real and it's gonna be a really, really, really long journey (I mean, c'mon, eternity).

So sometimes I question my existence. I mean, if I didn't exist, I wouldn't have to go through all that, right? And it's not like I'm significant or anything.

Which brings me to my next point (or not).

Sometimes I wish that I'd get into a real mess and be dying and all that shit, so that I can prove to people, and say in the face of, well, everyone: Are my studies gonna help me now?

So...yeah. Don't say that I have my priorities wrong. I just intend to live a happy and meaningful life (that would basically mean that religion, love and friendship are on the top of the list of priorities).

We're all gonna die anyway, so you're gonna journey through the harsh, cold, and shitty path in 'pursuit of happiness' or are you gonna journey to the end of your life and enjoy the ride.

I think I went way out of point there.

Oh, and another thing. Don't kill innocent beings like insects and stuff just because they're gross and stuff. Got that kinda problem, call me and I'll come up with a win/win situation for you and the little bugger (pun). Just thought I'd say that.

Oh, and did I ever mention that the only reason why I took Geography Elective is because History would be a bitch and TK's all fucked-up and stuff and doesn't wanna offer Literature Elective (That totally pwns Geog. `Nuff said).

Oh, and Mdm Rozylawati, personally I can't stand you 98% of the time, and I wish that Mrs Audrey Chen would teach us Geography instead. No offence (who am I kidding?) but I think she's waaaaaaay better than you. Srsly.

And what is it with teachers and students who have a mind of their own and wanna enjoy life like they should (Yes, you, Mdm Rozy and Mrs C. Koh. Sorta, anyway)? Take a chill pill.

And there you have it, a heartfelt post with me probably voicing (or typing) out stuff that's been going through my head lately.

Another thing. I'm against politics and shit. We should all just learn to love and t(h)rust. It'd make life way more meaningful and stuff.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigram-making thinking dude,

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stressed much?

when i read this post i couldn't help but be reminded of me 1 year ago. and i survived the year cause i had seniors helping me out.

so.. take it easy buddy.

it gets stressful there and then, but only so because you want to do well. know when to say 'fuck it, it's enough', and take a break. don't burn out.

# posted by Blogger Sheep : 2 April 2008 at 10:05 PM
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