Sunday, 4 May 2008

Grinding gears

"Yeah! Whoo! Bring it on sucker! This is my kinda shit!"
- Quote by Pvt. Augustus "Cole Train" Cole

Wahahaha, finished Gears of War campaign mode on Insane difficulty (hardest one) yesterday (well, technically) and that added a huge chunk of numbers to my gamerscore.

Collecting COG tags through the run was also pretty useful.

So the achievements I got just now (or yesterday, if you wanna get technical) were the following (Click to enlarge):

That's 210 gamerpoints.

Plus all the others I achieved during this run, which is another 210 gamerpoints, I have in total 420 gamerpoints!

Not like anyone actually gives a shit, though.

Your favourite insane COG soldier,

Posted by Az at 1:49 AM


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