Tuesday, 9 September 2008

EnerJoules and PoWer

P = IV (P***s = In V****a)

P = RI^2 (Primary 2?)

E = Pt, or J = Ws

V = RI

kWh = 1000W x (60sx60s)

Q = It

A = C/s

V = J/C

RHG rule.

And that's all I know for Physics now. Maybe along with some kinetics.

So after two and a half hours with my Physics notebook in front of me, I realised that from term 3 onwards, there was little to no notes taken down by me (Gee, I wonder why...).

TK should seriously offer combined Bio/Chem and Lit Elective. I think I'd do way better for my Humanities and Science.

I'm so damn screwed.

Your favourite physicist beatboxing ambigrammist,

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