Thursday, 25 September 2008


Before I carry on with this post I'd just like to say that some school rules (regarding library and attire) are just plain bullshit and that the way truncated lessons are carried out now is also bullshit and it should just be called normal-school-days-with-modified-time-tables. And those who came up with the irrational rules and truncated planning are assholes who seem to care more about appearance and other minute things instead of the studies of the students. Talk about superficial. So screw you.

K got that off my chest and now I can say how awesome today was.

The class tees are awesome and comfy and awesome-looking. Also, I got an A1 for E Math and I performed a Leap Of Faith (just like Altair). And for the family members reading this, no, I didn't ask a girl out or to be my girlfriend or anything like that.

So today was awesome besides the pissy anal-ness of some of the staff members.

Also, I shall dive into the chasm of revision and practice soon with renewed vigour to get into Vijay.

Hopefully there'll be a haystack at the bottom to cushion my fall.

Your favourite game-referencing, pissy-staff-hating beatboxing ambigrammist,

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