Sunday, 21 September 2008

Of guys and ninjas and pussies

This weekend was awesome because I got to spend it with some of my closest guy friends.

And not in a big group. I tend to feel quiet and left out in those.

So on Saturday spent the better part of the day with Justin playing Gears of War, which was totally kickass cos I got an achievement and I got to share the gloriness of the Gears universe with someone else.

And we had our usual talks about anything and everything that we care about and stuff. Pretty mushy, but I think that's what puts me on the same page as some other guys.

And today, I had Timothy and Melvin over to study. Or more appropriately, "study". Ended up with me on the floor taking a semi-nap and then talking/bitching about the past, present, future and whatnot.

Only when with a select few people I talk freely and have an interesting conversation that can last hours.

And then there's the people who I, for some reason or another, cannot talk to because of the constant lack of a subject to talk about. Which kinda sucks.

So, yeah. Weekend was a good stress reliever.

Now, like many have said on their blog and most failed to do (so will I), full steam ahead for 'O's!

Oh, before I forget. Here's the pussy part of the post.

I love the way it stares at the camera. Makes me go all girly and I-wanna-cuddle-it-ey.

Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist,

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