Tuesday, 30 December 2008


It's exactly what I am.

There are some people who I love hanging out with. I like to joke around with them and stuff.

Hell, I love their company.

But that's one clique. Some circles of friends are meant to be shared and intersect and be a proper (or improper) subset of each other. While others (in my honest opinion) were never meant to mix and/or match just to ensure peace of mind (for I am a selfish and paranoid bastard).

And if/when such a mix occurs, I can't help but feel like someone (or some people) deserves to get hurt real bad. Usually images of those people getting their faces shot/smashed/crushed come to mind.

Yes, I think about stuff like that happening to my own friends. I'm a terrible person, and my only excuse is that I am easily (and heavily) affected when certain little things don't go my way (because for stuff like this I wish to maintain a very controlled environment and situation).

But shit happens and I'll get over it some time. However, if I ever find out that these 2 certain cliques (of course this was based on an occurence, else this post would be random) have been (God forbid) mixing without me knowing, I would feel a great and probably overwhelming sense of betrayal, followed by a long period of emo-ness.

Why so drastic a reaction? Because these 2 cliques know very well that I clearly and deeply from the bottom of my heart wish for them to never mix. If they didn't, then maybe reading this post will make them realise.

In my ideal, controlled environment, I can live in harmony with all my friends from all my cliques if the ones who aren't meant to cross paths never, ever, ever in their liftimes do so.

Yes, I'm selfish, anal and paranoid so shoot me.

Your favourite guy who would like a shotgun right about now,

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