Wednesday, 28 January 2009

"Dream, when the day is through

Dream, and it might come true
Things never are as bad as they seem
So dream, dream, dream..."
- Dream by The Pied Pipers

I was wondering. When you dream of something, do you actually dream the situation or do you dream of the concept of it?

Like, if you dreamt that you made a pretty cool song but when you wake up you know you made that song up but you just can't remember, did you really make the song in your dream or did your brain just say 'Okay, you. You made a cool song. It sounded just a bit like this other song.'?

Then that would explain why one can dream about the rest of one's life in just one night. Because your brain just tells you 'Okay, you. So all these things happen, just that this takes place after this and so on.' and could actually think up the whole dream in an instant and just release it to sleeping-conscious you in the order that it wants to.

An example. Your brain thinks up that you have a lamb, a school and that your name is Mary. Then, it thinks up that you brought that lamb to school. After all this planning, then it tells it to the part of you that 'sees' the dream. So in other words, it writes the story and all in an instant and you just read it afterward. And that you don't actually see the stuff you saw in the dream, only you think you saw.

Not sure if you get that, but it was just floating around in my head earlier. Probably because I knew I sang a song in my previous dream but I couldn't remember the lyrics. Only the rough tune, which was based on another song.

This, people, is why I think I'll do better in KI than GP.

Your favourite philosopher,

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